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Moll 1724

The Isle of MAN.
. Size: 147mm x 130mm (line) 1:350,000

Based on Collins but with additional detail e.g. fenced mound for'Tinwald Court'
Herman Moll (c1654-1732) was a German emigre[Tyac73] (though most refs say Dutch) who came to London about in or before 1678 and worked as an engraver, he engraved several of Collin's charts including that of the IoM. He later set up his own firm and became, around 1700, the foremost map publisher in London. He often complained that other publishers copied his work.

These maps are rather scrappy though he obviously sought out additional material.

Chubb CLX EMIoM p39


50 coloured maps on title of each is By H. [or Herman] Moll Geographer maps plain at back; many (but not IoM) have marginal designs associated with the county.
No plate number
The Isle of Man by H.Moll Geographer
On the same sheet as The Isle Garnsey, The Isle Jersey and Alderney
N to top;Aa: Tile in rectangular triple line frame above scale bar
Latitude marked Ih edge - d.-m.54-15 and d.54 indicated
Ee: compass

A New Description of England and Wales, with the adjacent Islands. Wherein are contained, Diverse useful Observations and Discoveries In respect to Natural History, Antiquities, Customs, Honours,Privileges &c To which is added A new and correct set of Maps of each County, their Roads and Distances, and to render 'em the more acceptable to the Curious, their Margins are adorned with great variety of very remarkable Antiquities &c By Herman Moll, Geographer

Printed for H. Moll over-against Devereux-Court in the Strand, T Bowles Printseller near the Chapter House and C Rivington Bookseller at the Bible and Crown in St Pauls Chruch-Yard and J Bowles Printseller over-against Stocks-Market M.DCC.XXIV(1724)

Plate number (50) added Aa above title

The Compleat Geographer: or the Chorography and Typography of all the known parts of the Earth... To which are
added Maps ... most Engrav'd by Herman Moll. The Fourth Edition.
London: John Knapton (and others) 1723
A New Description of England and Wales... By Herman Moll, Geographer
London: H.Moll, T.Bowles, C.Rivington and J.Bowles 1724
A Set of Fifty New and Correct Maps of England and Wales ... by Herman Moll, Geographer.
London: H.Moll, T.Bowles and J.Bowles 1724
A New Description of England and Wales... By Herman Moll, Geographer
London: J.Wilford, T.Bowles, C.Rivington and J.Bowles 1733
A Set of Fifty New and Correct Maps of the Counties of England and Wales...
London: Tho Bowles and J. Bowles. 1739

Other maps have plate no's changed and after 1747 marginal designs cutoff; together with other updates to roads etc.
Not clear if any changes to IoM map
The Geography of England and Wales...
London: Tho Bowles and J.Bowles. 1747
H. Moll's British Atlas
London: Tho Bowles and J. Bowles and Son. 1753
The Traveller's Companion...
London: John Bowles (61775)




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