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Manesson Mallet 1683

Is de Man et D’Anglesey

Size: 150mm x 105mm

Unusual Birds-eye view roughly based on Speed.

Allain Manesson Mallet (1630-1706), originally foot soldier under Louis XIV, rising to sergeant-major of artillery and then inspector of fortifications. On leaving army specialised in publishing books on military engineering (science & practice). Widely travelled as many of plans in ‘Description de l’Universe’ were surveyed by himself.

Page Heading (sometimes excised) “DE L’EUROPE FIGURE XVII.” and with french text on back forms p35 of

Description de l'Univers, cotenant les differents Systemes du Monde.
Suite de l’Europe Ancienne et Moderne…Tome V
Dedie au Roy, Par Allain Manesson Mallet
Paris 1683

A second state, although described as re-engraved, it is probably a new plate as slightly smaller than earlier - title scroll 5mm smaller. Easily distinguished as "I.Prestholme" absent and with blank back. Page Heading “die Inseln Man und Anglesey Fig XIII.”
Same plate number 35 (though 5 is v like 3)

Frankfurt 1684-5

no plate number
Reissued 1719 with German Text



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