Macculloch, 1819

Macculoch geological map 1819
Title: Isle of Man. (image courtesy John Henry)

John Macculloch M.D.,1773-1835, made the first major geological survey of Scotland in a work “A Description of the Western Isles of Scotland” which contained geological maps of several islands.
Died in 1835 at age of 62 in a carriage accident whilst on honeymoon.

The associated text


The outline of this map is borrowed from a sea chart, and
is obviously very inaccurate; but there was only a choice between
the present and two others equally unworthy of confidence.
Fortunately the errors are not material in the present case, as,
from the predominant simplicity of the structure of the island,
they do not disturb the geological details. The interior ridge
has been laid down in a conjectural manner, from an eye view
but it will serve to convey a sufficient notion, for the present
purpose, of the disposition of the ground. The only part of the
island in which a minuter detail would have been desirable, is
the tract from St. Ann's river through Bala sala to Port la Marie;
the geological structure of this portion being the most intricate
and interesting part of the whole. But a larger draught could not
have been introduced without an inconvenience that would scarcely
have been compensated by the advantages; even if an accurate
survey could have been procured.


Sheet 175mm x 240 mm; Triple line border. Scale approximately 1:250,000 - NW to top;
very distorted (elongated) representation - the most likely base map was the chart by Collins though Mackenzie or Fannin would also have been available and more accurate than that used
Hills shown as central ridge running from Maughold Hd to St Johns
Aa: colours + explanation (text read bottom to top of page)
Imprint Ae(os)”J.Macculloch delt.”Ce(os): “Published May 1819 by A.Constable & Co. Edinburgh” Ee(os):” Cross Scult. 46 Gloucester St Queen Square”

Extracted from

A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland including the Isle of Man; with remarks on their argriculture, scenery, and antiquities by John Macculloch M.D. vol3 - map page 87
Published May 1819 by A.Constable & Co. Edinburgh




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