John Lodge, 1787

Map: John Lodge, 1787

5: A Map of the Isle of Man J Lodge sc London Published July 31 1787 by J Murray etc

Size: 125mm x 190mm 1:270,000
John Lodge, (fl 1754-90). Geographer and engraver 45 Shoe Lane London (Tooley) and Charlotte St (Kingsley).
Worked for Political Magazine 1780-90.
45 very clearly engraved maps all by J Lodge (name appears in bottom rh corner) issued in P.M from 1782-90
A Map of the Isle of Man
pXX.57.S pXX.58.S
The Political Magazine and Parliamentary, Naval, Military and Literary Journal..
London Printed for R Butters No 79 Fleet Street 1782 -90
(1) 1782
(ii) 1795 imprint and engravers name erased (+ all traces to P.M. erased) ?




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