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Map - Lewis/Walker 1831

One of 43 clearly engraved maps all drawn by R.Creighton and engraved by T. Starling and J and C. Walker - IoM is map #23. Originally issued uncoloured - usually found with modern colouring, sometimes the sheading lines are picked out. The IoM map appears to have been unchanged through all editions. Based on the larger scale Smythe map of 1826, but added King William's College whose foundation stone was laid in 1830.

Published in

A Topographical Dictionary of England, comprising the several counties, cities, boroughs ... illustrated by Maps of the different counties and islands ... By Samuel Lewis. In four volumes.
London: published by S.Lewis & Co 87, Aldersgate-Street 1831

2nd Edition 1833: A note giving places of election and polling places added at top outside of border
3rd Edition 1835: maps bound in sep vol (vol 5) and political notes removed
4th Edition 1840: names and boundaries of the Unions are added to maps (not IoM as no Poor Law Unions)
5th Edition 1842: unaltered impressions of 4th
6th edition 1845
7th Edition 1849



Chubb map CCCCXXX


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