logoDaniel King, 1656

King, 1656

Isle of Man
Size: 175mm x 240mm 1:300,000

Copied from Speed but with additional infomation on Sheading Boundaries
8 inset views by King;arms of Man + Fairfax;sea unshaded

A very similar map of the same size , also copied from Speed, was issued by Cary in 1789, the centre compass rose is however much simpler.


EMIoM p37 (MM pXX.8.S pXX.9.S )

Appeared in:

"A Short Treatise of the Isle of Man" by Chaloner published with Daniel King's Vale Royal

1868 Lithograph

Manx Soc Vol X reprinted Chaloner in 1868 and included a lithographed copy of the Map

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