J. G. Cumming, 1846

J. G. Cumming - Geological Map 1849

Geological Map of the Isle of Man
by J. G. Cumming

Originally in Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society page 335 when imprint top right hand outside double-line frame "Quart Geol Jour Vol 2 Pl XIV"

subsequently (without imprint) as Plate I from Joseph George Cumming "The Isle of Man, its History, Physical, Ecclesiastical Civil and Legendary" London: John van Voorst , 1848 - where indexed as "general Map" but title on Map "Geological map"

Both Maps carrry imprint bottom left hand "Reeve Bro Lith King William St Strand

Probably the first detailed Geological Map of the Island - the outline is based on Smythe 1826 - the geological information is based on Cumming's own work whilst vice-principal of King William's College 1841-1856.


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