Miniature Speed, 1617

Historical Introduction

A series of county maps reduced from those of Saxton appeared in 1599 by Peter Keere of Amsterdam - these were acquired by Humble who issued a set in 1605 - however this set of English Counties did not include the Isle of Man which did not appear until 1617.

The text in the 1617 and later editions is reproduced from Speed’s Theatre. and these maps are often referred to as “miniature Speeds”.

Minature Speed
90 x 125 mm (approx 1:530,000)

Sometimes attributed to P. van der Keere as Humble used 40 of his plates from a 1605 production - however that of the Isle of Man is a new plate.

The publication include 63 maps , 40 of which are reprints of P Keere's maps of 1599 pub at Amsterdam 1617; 16 newly engraved of the Eng counties which in earlier editions of 1599 and 1617 were grouped together; 7 new maps (inc IoM).

Most have text on back abridged from Speeds Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain, London, 1611.

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