Creighton, 1841

IoM extracted from larger sheet "A Map of England & Wales ..."

Title: A Map of England & Wales Divided into Counties, Parliamentary Divisions & Dioceses shewing The Principal Roads, Railways, Rivers & Canals and the Seats of the Nobility and Gentry with the distance of each Town from the General Post Office London
Projected from the Triangulation for the Survey made under the Direction of the honourable The Board of Ordnance on a scale of Five Miles to an inch and corrected to the Present Time
Drawn by R.Creighton Engraved by J.Dower London Published by S.Lewis & Co. 87 Aldersgate St 1841

9 sheet map of England & Wales at scale 5”/1m
R.Ceighton (active 1818+) - Tooley quotes 1855 as date for 9sh map
John Dower, engraver, draughtsman & publisher, Pentonville London (1825-1871) worked for Weekly Dispatch 1858-63.
Henry Griffiths (d pre1849) engraver & artist; Thomas Allom - both worked on ‘Scotland’ 1846.
Kingsley (& also Tooley) state that this map first published 1855 (with addtions 1860 by Edward Stanford) - however Rly info is consistent with 1841 date.
Kingsley (map #135…) refers to transfers taken from this map for use in guide books of Sussex


Sheet 2000mm x 1700m sacle 1:318,000

Aa: vignette of General Post Office London drawn by T.Allom and Engraved by H.Griffiths
Ea: Title
IoM details: all sheading shown; few roads - just loop in N of Island ;Snawfel,
mountains shown as hachured circles + ridges; no hts given

Extracted from

Loose Map
Published by S.Lewis & Co 87 Aldersgate St 1841




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