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Mona insula ...
Size: 210mm x 290mm (10) 1:240,000

Vincenzo Maria Coronelli (Marc Vicent Connielle) (1650-1718), Cosmographer to the Republic of Venice 1685; Franciscan Friar and General of the Order 1701. Founded the Academia Cosmografica degli Argonauti (first geographical society) 1680.

Mona insula hoggidi Isola di Man posseduta delli Conti Derbie sotto Il dominio del rel d'Ingllterra

based on Jansson with addition of part of English coast (copied Jansson's misspelling of Kirk Brodo + same crowned legs except legs kicking clockwise!)
Between inner and outer boarders (clipped from image) are clockwise from top:Settentrione;Oriente;Mezzo Giorno;Occidente


EMIoM p38


Isolario (part of Atlante Veneto)




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