Condor + Hogg, 1784

Map: Condor + Hogg 1784

A New Map of the Isle of Man Drawn from latest Authorities
Sheet Title: 12: Glocester Hampshire Isle of Man Isles of Guernsey,Jersey &c

Thomas Condor, engraver (fl 1775-1801) - may have drawn maps, some bear name T Conder as engraver - all appear to be by same hand.

Alexander Hogg referred to as a 'Paternoster Row' publisher i.e. a publisher of part works issued in weekly numbers. According to Kingsley a 'forceful' salesman even for the period - when sales flagged it was republished in a new edition with 'a taking title' even though not one line was altered for example he quotes an advert in the Sussex Weekley Advertiser for 30 Jan 1792 for 'Walpole's New and Complete British Traveller, just published in sixty numbers'.

Interesting work in 5 parts paged 1-520; 17 plates grouped 2-4 on a plate
Titles begin "A New Map of " and end "Drawn from latest Authorities" Along top of plate is engraved "Engraved for Walpooles New and Complete British Traveller" and at Bottom "Published by Alex Hogg at the Kings Arms No 16 Paternoster Row"


Chubb CCLI

Appeared in:

The New British Traveller, or a Complete Modern Universal Display of Great Britain and Ireland.. Being really the result of An actual and late General Survey accurately made by a Society of Gentlemen.. including a valuable collection of landscapes Views, County-Maps &c The whole puyblished under the immediate inspection of George Augustus Walpoole Assisted by ...
Printed for Alex Hogg at the Kings Arms No 16 Paternoster-Row 1784

An Ed 1794 - legend "Engraved for.. " and ornamental portion of border erased ;bear orig imprint and T Conder sculp added to all (except 2)


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