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Map: 1837: 3rd Report of Commisioners



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Extracted from:

Third report from His Majesty's Commissioners appointed to consider the state of the Established Church

House of Commons 20 May 1836

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spacerSamuel Arrowsmith (d 1839) son of Aaron Arrowsmith.

The report contains 28 outline maps of dioceses of England and Wales including proposed new dioceses of Manchester and Ripon and the mergeing of Sodor and Man with Carlisle.

Design probably laid down on stone from an original drawing - shape based on Fannin

In 1836 following no complaint from the Island (in fact some muted support as the tithe system was very unpopular) an Act of Westminster agreed to suppress the see of Sodor and Man on the future death of the then incumbent Bishop Ward. However Bishop Ward rallied his friends and led a successful protest so that a special act of 1838 restored the see on the agreement that Tynwald passed a law for the commutation of tithes (passed in 1839). For Bishop Ward's defence see "Isle of Man and Diocese of Sodor & Mann" by Rev Wm P. Ward London 1837. Rev William Percival ward was the son of the Bishop.



McGechan A & Verner C 'Maps in the parliamentary papers by the Arrowsmiths' Map Collectors Series nos 88 & 89



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