Admiralty - Chart 2094, 1851

chart 2094 Hydographic Office
'Surveyed by Commr. George Williams .. 1847' with 'soundings .. from the Surveys of Captain F.W.Beechey ...1843'

Size: 620mm x 933mm

Irish Channel Isle of Man Surveyed by Commr George Williams R.N. 1847 The soundings between Maughold Pt and Ayre Pt with the Bahama & King Williams Banks are from the Surveys of Captain F.W.Beechey R.N. F.R.S. 1843

Accurate coastline many soundings little inland details hills shown by hachure.
Snae Fell 2036
South Barrule 1592; North Barrule 1854
Ce(os):”London Published according to Act of Parliament at the Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty Novr 1st 1851”
Ee(os):Engraved by J & C.Walker” “2094”
inset charts of Douglas Peel,Calf Sound, Castletown Bay and Port St Mary

State ii 1857: Snae Fell 2024;South Barrule 1584; North Barrule 1842
“Variation in 1857”



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