IN recording events connected with the History of the Isle of Man, the old historians are so often alluded to for confirmation, that it was considered advisable by the Council of the Manx Society to place the most important of them in the possession of the Members for their more easy reference; more particularly as the originals are only to be met with occasionally, and then only at a considerable cost.

The Chronicle of Man which originally appeared in Camden, has been left out in the present reprint, having been printed in the fourth volume of the Manx Society's publications, and is again to be reproduced, with the addition of the valuable notes and prefatory remarks of the late Professor Munch of Christiania, under the careful editorship of the Right Rev. Dr. Goss of Liverpool.

In the Appendix will be found translations of the Synodal Statutes of the Manx Church, as given in the Latin text of Dugdale's Monasticon; also those of Bishop Wilson.

It has been considered advisable not to encumber the text with unnecessary notes; the few that have been added are merely explanatory of any error that may have crept in.

Facsimiles of the various maps and views contained in these Histories have been prepared by Messrs. George Waterston and Son of Edinburgh, by their process of photo-lithography, which will give additional interest to the present volume.

W. H.

ROCK MOUNT, June 1, 1871


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