[From Manx Soc vol 10]


My Lord,
THE last Year when Robert Dynely, Esquire, Mr. Joshua Witton, Minister of the Gospel; and my self, your Lordships commissioners for the settling of your Affairs in the Isle of Man, returned from that Employment; We gave your Lordshipan Accompt in Writing, as well as by word of mouth, of our Proceedings there, as in relation to your Revenue, and the Government of the Countrey; so also what our Actings were inpursuance of your pious intentions for the promoting of Religion and Learning; which performed, might in a matter of this nature, be held for a compentent discharge of our Duty; and such constructions your Lordship was pleased to make of it: Neverthelesse, having made (be it said without vanity, or detracting in the least from my Companions) a more then ordinary inquisition into the state of the Island; I held my self obliged to present to your Lordships View and Favourable acceptance' such Collections and Observations (which I here humbly offer) as I had made thereupon; and so much the rather I was induced hereunto,because of Your Lordships respect to Antiquities, so signally manifested in Patronizing, with your Purse and Countenance,that our notable English Antiquary, Mr. Roger Dodsworth, in his collections, composing and publishing of that singular Keye his Monasticon, which with indefatigable diligence he hath recovered and brought to light, out of the Bowells (as it were) of devouring Time. Good Lawes enlivened in a due execution of them, are so beneficiall to Mankind in the conservation of humane Society, as that the Law-givers and Administrators of such, have been ever had, even with the most barbarous Nations, in very great veneration; and therefore although Supream Offices inGovernment are in order to publique Good, things lawfully desireable, and may be endeavour'd after in a just way, by persons fitly qualified for them; but for that few have been found to have managed such Powers well, sollicitations of this sort are, for the most part' attended with strong prejudices; Whence it is, that Persons of most merit, least seeking, and readiliest laying down, places of the highest Trust and Importance in a Common-Wealth;have been held the fittest to possesse them: A rare Example whereof your Lordship stands evidenc'd to the whole World: And it is well known also, that your Lordship became vested in this Seigniorie of Man towards the acknowledgment of a publique Gratitude for your high Deserts; and that it was not the Issue of your own Desires: By this means, there is put into your hands the exercising of a Legislative, as well as Ministeriall Power in an eminent degree; which doubtlesse your Lordships well grounded principles of Religion and Honour will lead forth into Pious and Honourable Actings; which, my prayers are, may be crowned with prosperous Successes.

And so humbly taking my 'leave, I remain devoted,
My Lord,
Your most humble Servant,
Decemb. 1 1653. JAMES CHALONER.(2)



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