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(From Episcopal Register.)

Bi'pps Corte, ye 26th Mar., 1660.

It is Refferred unto Parson Robt Parr and Sr Robt Allen, ioynetly to examine, trye, and Inquire into ye abilities iudgemt and conversac'on of Mr. Henry Harrisson whether he is competently quallified to be addmitted unto ye degrees of Deacon and minister, and to certifye me thereof without delay. Dated supra.


Hoble Govenor all due respect prmised, &c., I have sevrall times since Mr. Henry Harison's return from the Colledge, examined, tried, and enquired into ye Abilities and judgmt of him, and conceive him to be as competently quallified to be admitted unto ye degree of deacon and minister as any of or nation, his coversacon evrsince answerable to ye said Calinge.

Ita testor,



That wch doth most encourage me to comende unto yr Hour Mr. Henry Harrison afour named, is not his schollershippe : for wch I holde him to be ablre then some that have taken that callinge of the Ministery of ye Gosple, (that Greate worke spoken of by St. Paul, 2 Cor., ii., 16) alreadie ; but that weh doth most en-bolden me (I say) is the testimonie of his own mouth, weh he saith hath p'ceeded from a good, & intire conscience: that he holdeth himselfe quallified & called by God, & that he doth intende by the helpe of the Almightie for to discharge the same as that his whole endeavour shall be, as much as in him lieth to advance the Glory of God, and to bringe home many sheepe to his folde, many soules to his Kingdome, wch I praye that he may doe; & if otherwise, I must, & will lay e the sin to his owne charge. This Sr wth my Humble & due Respects, I Recomende unto yr Hour acknoweleginge myselfe

Yr Hours in all Xtian & Ministeriall dutie & service,

March 27th, 1660. RO. ALLEN.

War. : ye 27 Mar1660. I am very well satisfied wtb ye testimonie herein had, and doe ordr yt ye Regr doe Record these testimonialls.


Hoble Governor

We of the Clergie of this Isle whose names are subscribed, being mett this day at the p'ish Church of K. Marowne, in reall obedience to yor hours comands to the ordinac'on of Mr. Henry Harrison, Deacon and Preist, in regard yor hors comission is directed to all ye Clergie, and none appeared but or selves, under favour of yor hor wee have not attempted to p'ceed in ye Ordinac'on being a works of see high a calling untill all or ye major p'te of the Clergie meet upon that service, craveing yor hors pardon herein, we reast

March 4th, 1660. hoble yor hors humble servants,

The genrall sumnr hatte appeared to swears that all the Clergie had notice and charge to appeare this day.

Keepe this upon Record,





B'ipps Court, May 9th, 1660. . Thease are to require and injoyne any three of the Ministais on the North side of the Isle, to conveine themselves upon the 15th day of this instant may by the hour of tenu of the clock at the furthest, in the aforenoone of the same day, of which Number, pson Sr Robt Parr is to be one, for the ordaineing of Mr. Henrey L. S. Harrison, Deacon and Preist, for wch this shall be your Warrant; given under my hand and Seale of Armes the day and yeare above written.


Wee, whose names are subscribed, a select number of the Clergie of this Isle required, and injoyned by or hotile governors comission (bearing date 9th of May), to convenie or selves upon the 15th day of the sd month, for the ordaining of Mr. Henry Harison, Deacon and Priest, In obedience unto his hors comission, and in case of necessitie to suplie the cure of Kk German of Peele (voyd by the abnegac'on of Mr. George Harison), Wee have this day prfixed met in the p'ish Church of Jurby, and in solemlie manner after examinacon of the said Mr. Henry Harisons abilite and sufficientie for Liffe and doctrine, to undertake the cure of souls we have Ordained him deacon and full minister by exhortac'on praying and imposition of hands ac-cording to the Apostles rule 1 Tim. iv., 14, desiring that the said comission and or p'ceedings thereupon be recorded for or Discharge. Dat. maij 15o 1660. RO. PARRE,

Let ye comission and ye proceedings thereupon bee recorded. 15. May 1660. JAMES CHALONER.



Festivities at Rushen Castle in 1643-4.

The right hoble James Earle of Derbie and his right hoble Countesse invited all the Offrcere' Temparall and Spirituall The Cleargie the 24 Keyes of the Isle the Crowners with all theire wives & likewise the best sort of the rest of the Inhabitance of the Isle to a great maske; where the right hoble Charles lo. Strange wth his trains the right hoble Ladies wth theirs attendance were most gloriously decked with silver and gould broidered workes & most Costly ornaments bracelletts on there hands chaines on there neckes Jewels on there foreheads, earrings in there cares & Crownes on there heads and after the maske to a feast which was most royall & plentifull wth shuttinge of ornans &c And this was on the twelfth day (or last day) in christmas in the yeare 1644. All the men just wth the earle and the wives with the Countesse likewise there was such another feast that day was twelve moneth at night beinge 1643.

pr me

THO PARRE Vicr of Malew.



(From Episcopal Register.)

Havinge perused and considered the Severall Answers and Returns made by the respective Juryes impannelled to view the Delapidacons of the Chancell of the Cathedrall within Peele Castle, the Chancell of the parish Church of Kk Braddan, and some other Delapidac'ons in and about Bopps Court; We doe approve of and confirms the same, and doe herby order the Executor or Executors of the late Lo. Bopp Bridgman forthwith to make full and Satisfactory payment of the Sumes of money Sett downs and awarded in the said Returnes, in the whole amounting to Seaventie five pounds fourteen shillings and two pence, unto Dr Lake present Lo. Bopp of this Isle according to our honorble Lords Speciall order in that behalfe.

And whereas Mr. Jon Parr as Atturney for the said Lo. Bopp hath moved for the paymt of thirtie pounds weh a Jury of workemen have Sect downs for the takeing downs & reedifioing of parte of the Tower att Bopps Court, and for some other moneyes for further Repaires in and about the same place, wee have alsoe taken the same into due consideracon, and finding that by the Custome and usage of this Island the said Executor or Executors are not obliged to the takeing downs and Reedifieing of the said parte of the Tower as the said Jury have declared, only ought to putt the Same in Such ordinary and Sufficient Repair as hitherto hath been accustomed to be done; Therefore wee have thought fitt att present to acquitt and discharge ye sd Executor or Executors or any other that shall or may be concerned for the same from being obliged to take dowse and Reedifie the said parte of the Tower according to the verdict of the said Jury; Yett nevertheless doe order and adjudge yt ye said Executor or Executors doe putt the said parte of ye Tower the ffences and other particulars menconed on Record (and not included in the fore-menconed Sume) in Such necessary & Tenentable repair, as they have hitherto been accustomed to be kept and maintained in, to which the said Executor hath condiscended & given her verball engagemt for the doeing and pforming of the same att any time hereafter when She shall be thereunto desired or required.

Given under our hands att Castletowne the Seventh day of August Anno Doni 1684.


Forasmuch as the Rt Revnd Father in God Baptist Lord BP of my Isle of Man hath presented unto me a view weh hath been made of the decays and delapidations of the Chancell of the Cathedrall in my Castle of Peel within my said Isle, Wherein ye Jury and workemen who made the said view have allowed the summ of fourty three pounds nineteen shillings and ten pence for the making up and repairing of the said delapidacons, and for that his Ldship (amongst other his good and zealous designes for the advantage of my said Island) hath been fully purpos'd to bestow and disburse ye said summ of moneys upon the repaires afore-said but withall con-sidering that the same would be alltogether ineffectuall, whiles the body of the Church did lie open and uncover'd weh would make the said Chancell obnoxious to the weather, and endanger the Same to be blown away with every tempest; And I myself being upon the place in Summer last, and seeing the said inconveniency ; I have thought it therefore more expedient for the present, And I do accordingly direct and order, that the said Summ of fourty three pounds nineteen shillings and ten pence shall remaine deposited in the hands of ye said Ld BPP untill it shall please God to raise some good Instruments and Benefactors to contribute towards repairing ye whole Church (the Parishiors who are obliged to do the same being alltogether unable for the works) or untill such time as some good Law shall be made in the sd Island for demolishing of the said Cathedrall, and the repairing and enlarging of St Peters Chappell in Peele town with the Materialls thereoff; And if the same doth not happen or fall out (as it is heartily wished that it might) in the time of the said Ld BPP, that then his Lopp paying the said moneys into the hands of his Successor to the use & design before mention'd, is to be acquitted and discharged for ye same or any Obliga'on that might lie upon his LOPP for or concerning the said repaires. And I do direct and appoint that this my Order shall be entred into the Records of my said Isle, as well for the satisfaction and discharge of the said Ld Bp, as the Manifesting of this my present will and pleasure in, and concerning the premises. Given under my hand and Seale at Knowsley the 18th day of October in ye years of our Lord God 1686.


Whereas by my former Order, bearing date the 18th day of Occobr 1686 I did direct and appoint that the summ of fourty three pounds nineteen shillings and ten pence, weh was allowed for the repaires of the Chancell of the decay'd Cathedrall Church in Peele Castle within my Isle of Mann shall remain deposited in the hands of ye Rt Revnd Father in God Baptist Ld BP of my said Isle, untill it should please God to raise some good Instruments and Benefactors to contribute towards ye re-pairing of the whole Body of the said Cathedrall (the parishionrs who are obliged to do the same being alltogether unable to contribute to ye sd work) or untill such time as some good law shall be made in my said Island for the demolishing of the said Cathedrall and the repairing and enlarging of St Peters Chappll at Peele Town with the materials thereoff &c. And now forasmuch as the saide summ of fourty three pounds nineteen shillings and ten pence lies still deposited in the Ld Bopps hands, being no way imployed or laid out by him since the receipt thereoff; And allso for that there is nothing expressly mentioned in my said Order, whereby his Lopp is freed and discharged from paying any Interest out of the said money whiles it so remains deposited in his hands, web notwithstanding was intended and intimated by my said Order ; yet for the said Ld Bps further satisfaction in that particular; I do hereby Order and declare that no Interest is to be paid or answered for by the sd Ld Bpp out of the said money, neither for the time past or to come, whiles the same (loth continue and remain in the said Bps hands, in regard that he makes no advantage thereoff as afore said. And it is my will and pleasure, and I do further Order and declare, that if ye said Ld Bp, and ye Governour of my saide Isle for the time being, shall at any time hereafter find out some expedient whereby ye said money may be laid out to Interest and well secured, that then it shall be in their power jointly to imploy and lay out the said money to the best advantage and in the securest manner they can to their best judgements and discretion, and wt In-terest shall yearly arise or &crew out of the same, that it go towards the advancing of the said Principall summ : And thereupon the said Ld Bp is to be acquitted and discharged from the same for ever afterwards to all intents and purposes whatsoever, any thing contein'd in my said former Order to the contrary thereoff notwithstanding.

Given under my hand and Seale at Castle Rushin within my said Isle the 7th day of July Anno Doni 1691.


This is A true Copy



(SEE NOTE 69, P. 115 SUPRA.)

LIBER SCAC. 1664-1668,

Letter from Bishop Barrow to the Quakers in the Isle of Man, from the Exchequer Book, Isle of Man. p. 69.

My Lo. Bishop's Letter to ye Quakers.

My good friends, for see I desire you would bee, I am not a little troubled to see yu run on in this wilfull way to yor own ruin. Being called upon by God's p.vidence to ye care of this Church I must look upon you as a part of my charge. And though I have hitherto acted only ye part of a governor in outward appearance yett have not ceased to pray dayly for you and doe now exhort you in ye spirit of meekness to consider, as you will answer it at ye day of Judgmt, whether you doe not sine against God in refusing to obey ye lawful comands of Magistrates whom God's p.vidence bath set over you, when the Apostle expressly comands, let every soule bee subject to ye higher powers, telling us the danger of the sine in ye following words,-" bee yt resists shall receive to himself damnac'on."

2ely consider yor sine in withdrawing yor obedience from ye Church when ye Apostle comands also, obey ye- which are over you in ye Lord and watch for yor soules. And wthall consider that these 2 sires of rebellion and schism, are reckoned by ye Apostle amongst those yt exclude us from entering into ye kingdom of Heaven. Consider againe yor sine of neglecting yor Estates, and not p.viding for yor families, when ye Apostle tells us that such is worse than Infidells ; All you give in Answer for these things is yt you doe according to yor conscience, but, I must tell you, that ye testymoney of conscience must arise from ye conformitie your ace'ons carry wth ye dictates of reason, or ye word of God ; Now yor acc'ons are contrary to both, as ye places above mentioned prove. And therefore yor conscience can be no excuse. Againe consider how you dispise the ministry of ye Church and soe become guilty of despiseing (as ye Apostle) not man but God, for see saith our Saviour, bee that heareth you heareth mee, and he that despiseth you despiseth race, and him that sent me. Againe you neglect God's Ordinances, the Sacramts without web there is no ordinary means of salvac'on. Againe you take upon you to interprett Scripture according to your own ffancies forsaking ye doctrine of the Church web ye Apostle calls ye ground of truth and wthall tells us that no Scripture is of any privat interpretac'on and St: Peter shewsus ye danger of privat interpretac'on, saying yt in ye scripture is many things hard to be understood web Ignorant and unlearned men wrest to their own destruc'on. Againe you forsake ye publique meeting of Christians, that sine web ye Apostle reprehends in ye Corinthians, and you must not thinke yt will prove an excuse web you usually say, that you cannot join wth wicked men in worse of God; this bath too much of the Pharisee in itt who thanked God yt bee was not as other extorc'onrs &c nor as yt publican web yett in God's sight was justyfied before him; but yon must remember yt the Church by our Saviour is compared unto a nett gathering both good and bad, and we must not forsake ye good because ye badd are amonge them, nor root up ye wheat because of Tares growing up with itt. Itt is not wee that must make ye sep.rac'on itt is ye Angells work this, at yt great harvest day & end of ye world. I beseech you therfore brethren in ye name of God :hat as you love your own soules (for I speak in love to yein knowing ye price of yern to be ye blood of God) that you make haste to escape out of ye snares of ye devill by web he holds you captive & see long as bee can fasten any one cord upon you bee will not make itt his business to temp you to those open sires of drunkeness, swearing & other de-bocheries to wch bee see you averse, for bee knows this one sine of spirituall pride (as itt threw him down fro' heaven) see it will keep you from coming there, beware therefore of his devices for he transforms himself into an Angell of Light yett he is a devill still; Make haste to return to ye Church weh is ready to imbrace you. and earnestly invites you. And believe though I have been fore'd to use rigour wth yen to prserve ye rest of ye flock (wch are my charge also) yett you shall ever find me

You most loving ffriend & faithfull servant in our comon Lord & Saviour


Mat. 18. 7. Offences must come saith our Saviour, tumults & divissions in ye Church, but woe shall be to yem by whome they come. hear wt I say & ye Lord give you understanding.

Copie vera. p. me


Ep : Regr

[NOTE.-Dr. Barrow, at the time of writing the above letter (probably 1663), was Governor as well as Bishop of the Isle of Man, he having been sent over in the former capacity by the Earl of Derby, in that year-the year of his consecration.-EDIT.


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