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   Came into England with William the Conqueror, and was created Earl and Governor    of Northumberland, 
   1068.-(See Hume's History of England.)  He was slain in battle, near    Durham, Jan. 28, in 1069,1 
   when endeavouring to subjugate the North of England.  His name is on the Roll of Battle Abbey.
        |                                                   |
   John de Comyn.                                     William de Comyn, Chancellor to King David I., in 1133.
        |                                                   |  
   William de Comyn, married A.D. 1141, Maud,         Richard de Comyn (called the Chancellor's nephew), married Hexilda, the grand-daughter
   dau. of Thurstan Banaster, subsequently            of Donald Bane, king of Scotland, and younger brother of Malcom Cean Mohr. He
   married to William de Hastings, A.D. 1150.         succeeded to the family estates in Northumberland, and was Lord of the Castle of 
                                                      Northallerton, Yorkshire, in 1144; and died circa 1189.-(See Sir H. Nicholas's    
                                                      Historical Peerage.)
   |                              |                                                                        |                   |
John Coryyn, who         William de Comyn (Earl of Buchan i! 1189), was a noted diplomatist, and         Odo Clomyn,         Ydonea Comyn,
   died circa 1159,      went to England on an embassy from William the Lion, in 1200, to                an Ecclesiastic    married to Adam
   vit. pat.-(See        congratulate king John, of England, on his accession. In the year 1212 he was                      Fitz Gilbert,
   Kelso Chartulary.)    appointed Guardian of Moray, and towards the close of the reign of king                            ancestor of the
                         William (1209), and during the greater part of that of Alexander the IInd,                     Hamiltons.
                         he held the office of Great Justiciar of the kingdom of Scotland. He 
                         maintained the peace of the Kingdom during the rebellions which broke out    
                         in Moray in 1212 and 1229. He died in 1233, aged 70.+ He married    
                         twice, and at the beginning of the 13th century (in 1209), became Earl of 
                         Buchan, in right of his second wife Marjorie, only daughter and heiress of 
                         Fergus; Earl of Buchan. He founded the Abbey of Deir, 1218, and was    
                         buried there.
                         By his first wife, Matilda       By his second wife Marjorie,
                         Urquhart (daughter of Frederic   countess of Buchan, who died
                         Urquhart by his first wife       circa 1237-8. 
                         Coetissa, daughter of Bancho,                      |
                         Thane ofLochaber).-(See Tre                        |
                         of the Royal House of Stewart.)                    |
                                       |                                    |
        +------------------------+-----+---------------+                    +----------------------------------------------+-----------------+
        |                        |                     |                    |                                              |                 |   
   Richard Comyn,         Margaret Comyn,         Walter I Comyn,         Alexander Comyn, Earl of Buchan.         William Comyn.         Elizabeth, married
   died in 1249.          married Bartime         created Lord of         He was not designated Earl of                    -              William, Earl of
        |                 Setoun, ancestor        Badenoch, in            Buchan till 1243, after the death            Fergus Comyn.      Marr.
   John Comyn (the        of the Earls of         1229. Married           of his mother. He married                                          -
   1st Red Comyn).         Seton.                 the eldest dau. of      Elizabeth, the 2nd daughter of                               Jean, mar. Gilbert
   He was a distin-             -                 the Earl of Menteith    Roger de Quincy, who was created                             de Haye, one of
   guished   soldier      AgnesComyn,mar.         Became                  Earl of Winchester in 1235. In                               the Regents in
   and statesman in       Philip deMelgdrum       Earl of Monteith        right of his    wife he succeeded to                         1255-8.
   the reign of                                   in 1231, and died       the Galloway estates in 1254. He                                 -                         -
   Alexander III,and                              in 1258. His            was one of the Guardians of    Scotland                    Margorie, married
   had large estates                              Countess then           in the minority of Alexander                               Sir John de Keth,
   in Galloway. In                                married Sir John        the IIIrd, and Justiciar of the                            Great Mareschall
   1264 along with                                Russell,by whom         kingdom from 1256 to 1269. In                              who died before
   John Baliol and                                she had one only        1277 and 1282, he was summoned                             1270.
   Robert Bruce, he                               daughter mar. to        by Edward Ist for expeditions
   led troops to                                  William Comyn,          against Llewellyn, Prince of
   assist Henry III                               son of the Ist          Wales. He was appointed one
   against his bar-                               Red Comyn. (See         of the six regents during the
   ous. He married                                infra.)                 minority of Margaret, the Maid
   Mary or Marian,                                                        of Norway. In 1264 he was sent
   dau. to Alan, lord                                                     on an expedition gainst the
   ofGalloway, and                                                        Hebrides.  He died in l208. 
   sister  to Devorgille	                                                         | 
   (Buchanan,                                                                            | 
   and shaw's history                                                                    | 
   of Province                                                                           | 
   of Moray). He                                                                         | 
   died in l273.(See                                                                     | 
   Appendix A.)                                                                          +----------------------------------------+ 
        |                                                                                                                     |
        +------------------------+---------------------------------+--------------------+------------------+                  |
        |                        |                                 |                 |                  |                  |
   William I Comyn,         John Comyn, Lord of Badenoch,       Alexander          Robert Comyn,         Four daughters,      |
   who, in right of         in  1258,(the Black                 Comyn, died        killed  with his      the 3rd of whom      |
   his wife, dau. of        Comyn) one of the six Guar-         without            nephew at             married Alaster      |
   the Countess of          dians of Scotland, one of the       issue.             Dumfries, 13064.      de Ergadia, Lord     |
   Menteith (the            competitors for the Crown                              His son Richard       of Lorn, who         |
   relict of his uncle      of Scotland. Married Marjorie,                         was ambassador        had large            |
   Walter, married          sister to John Baliol,                                 to Paris and the      possessions in the   |
   to Sir John Russell)      and died at his Castle of                              ancestor of Sir       Isle of Man.        |   
   got half the             Lochindorb, in 1299                                                                               |
   Earldom of Mentieth          |                                +--------------------------+-----------------------+---------+-------------+
   in free Barony;         John Comyn (the IInd Red              |                          |                       |                       |
   the other half,         Comyn), Lord of Badenoch.         John Comyn, Earl of         Alexander Comyn,     William Comyn,         Bridget, married
   together with           Married Jobanna, sister of        Buchan, was enfeoffed       last Earl of         (Frere au Conte        Patrick Dunbar,
   the title of Earl,      Aymer de Valence, earl of         in the Manor of Whit-       Buchan.  He          de Boghau).            Eighth Earl of
   went to the             Pembroke, and cousin  to          wic, in Leicestershire      swore fealty to      Rector of the          Dunbar and
   second sister of         Edward Ist. Was knighted         1283. He succeeded          Edward  Ist, in      Church of St.          March.
   the above Coun-         in 1267, and led the Scotch       his fatherin l288,and        1297. Retired        Mary, and pro-             -
   tess,  and  her         in the invasion of the Isle of    was high constable          to England, and      vost of the           Egidia, married
   husband, Walter         Man, in 1270 (?) He was           of Scotland. Swore          died about 1312.     Canonry of St.        Malise, Earl of
   Stewart, took           taken prisoner at Dunbar,         fealty to Edward Ist,                 |          Andrews. (See         Strathern, son of
   the name and            and sent to London, but           at Norham, 1291.                      |          Prynne. p. 651;       Mary, Queen of Man
   title of Menteith.      obtained his release through      Obtained leave in                     |          and Palgrave, p.        
   He died without         the intercession of his wife.     1292 to dig for lead                  |         338;  also                - 
   issue, A.D. 1291.        He and Sir Simon Fraser          in the Calf of Man,                   |        Appendix A.)             Agnes, mar. Gilbert
                           gained a victory over the         to cover the towers                   |                                 de Umphraville,
                           English at Roslin, in 1303,       of his castle of Crug-                |                                 Eighth  Earl of
                           but surrendered to Edward         leton in Galloway.                    |                                 Angus.
                           Ist at Strathorde in 1304.        Retired to England,                   |
                           He was murdered by Robert         was forfeited  by                     |                                 Two other daus.;
                           Bruce, in  the  Church  at        Bruce, and died about                 |                                 married to Sir
                           Dumfries, Feb. 1306-7.            1313. He married                      |                                 William de Brechin,
                                                              Isabel, daughter of                  |                                 and Sir Nicholas de Soulis
                                                             Duncan,Earl of Fyffe,                 |        
                                                             who crowned Robert                    |
                                                             Bruce at Scone, 1307                  |                        
                                                                       |                           |
                                                       +---------------+-----------------+         +---------------+----------------------------+
                                                       |               |                 |                         |                            |
                                                A son, (John?)      Margaret,         Violet, married-        Alice Comyn, married         Margaret  Comyn, mar.
                                                who died            who became         as                     to Henry de Beaumont,        to John de Ross,  son
                                                without issue.      the 2nd wife      second wife             lord of Man,                 of William, Earl of
                                                   -(See Note       of William        to William              and, in right of his         Ross,  (descended from
                                                   61.)             de Lindesay,      Urquhart, of            wife,Lord of Whitwic,        Ferquhard Macintagart,
                                                                       and died       Cromarty,               in Leicestershire, and       Earl of Ross.  in
                                                                       about 1306.    styled de               Earl of   Buchan.            the reign of Alexander
   +-------------------------+------------------+------+--------+---------------+     Monte Alto.             Beaumont's sister was        IInd),  who  died in
   |                         |                         |                        |                             the Lady Isabella de         1251, leaving a son
   John Comyn, fled      William Comyn,         Joan Comyn, married to       Elizabeth Comyn,                 Vescy, of Alnwick.           William, and a dau.,
   to England on         made prisoner         David de Strathbolgi,         married to                       Lord Beaumont died         Christina, married to
   the death of his      at Stirlingl314,       Earl of Athol,who, hav-      Richard  Lord                    in 1340.                   Olave Godredson, king
   father, in 1307.      and died with-         ing a grant of the Manor     Talbot,  ancestor of              |                          of Man.)-(See Appendix C}#
   He died in 1325.      out issue.-See         of Chilham, was sum-         the Earls of                      |   
   By his wife Mar-      Burke'sExtinct         moned to Parliament,         Shrewsbury.                       |
   garet, he had         Peerage.              as a baron, 1322, and         See Jacob's                       |
   one only son.                                 died in 1335.              Peerage.                          |
        |                                            |                                                         |
   Adomar  Aymer         David de Strathbolgi (Earl of Athol) 2nd baron, being  a                              |
   Comyn,who             minor of 3 years of age, on the death of his father                                   |
   died in 1316,         was put under the guardianship of Henry de Beaumont.                                  |
   vit. pat.  By         He inherited the lands of his uncle, John                                             |
   an inquest held       Comyn, and also lands as one of the co-heirs of Aymer                                 |
   that same year,       de Valence, earl of Pembroke.                                                         |
   his aunts, Joan                    +---------------------------------------------+--------------------------++---------------+ 
   and Elizabeth,        John de Beaumont (second baron Beaumont, but         Elizabeth Beaumont,         Three other        Isabel Beaumont 5th
   were named his        never entitled Earl of Buchan, or Lord of Man),      married to Nicholas         daughters.         dau.,married to Henry
   heirs. (See His-      was summoned to Parliament 25th Feb. 1342,           de Audley, son and                             Plantagenet, Duke of
   toric Peerage of      He married Lady Alinore Plantagenet, 5th             heir to James    Lord                           Lancaster.
   England, by Sir       daughter of Henry, Earl of Lancaster, and            Audley, of Heley.                                       |
   H. Nicholas, p.       great grand-daughter of Henry IIIrd, and died         No  issue. - (See                               Blanche  Plantagenet,
   123; see also         in 1342, leaving only one child, a son Henry,        Burke's  Extinct                                 mar. John of Gaunt.
   Note 61 infra         from whom are descended-the Beaumonts, of            Peerage.)                                               |
                         Coleorton, in Leicestershire; the Beaumonts of                                                       KING HENRY IV. 
                          Stoughton Grange; the Beaumonts of Burton
                          on-Trent; and the Beaumonts of Weduesbury, 



* According to Sir Bernard Burke, John, Count de Comyn, and Baron of Tonsberg, in Normandy, was the son of Baldwin, a distin- guisbed Soldier of the Cross ; and grandson of Charles, Due d'Ingeheim, fifth son of the Emperor Charlemagne. He was the founder of the noble house of Blois, in France; and progenitor of the noble families of De Burg and Burke, in Ireland. John, Count de ('omyn, and Baron of Tonsberg, had two sons: (1.) Harlowen de Burg, who married Arlotta, mother of William the Conqueror; (2.) Eustace, Baron de Tonsberg. Harlowen (who died before his father), left, by his wife Arlotta, two sons: (1.) Odo, Bishop of Bayeux, created Earl of Kent, in 1068; (2.) Robert, Count de Moreton, created Earl of Cornwall, 1068. Both the sons were with their half-brother, William the Conqueror, at the battle of Hastings.
Chronica de Melros, A.D. MLXIX. " Comes Robertus Cumine cum DCCtis fere viris apud Dunelmum a Norhimbris occiditur."- (See also Speed's History of England.) Chronica de Melros, A.D. MCCXXXIII. " Obiit Wilhelmus Cumin Comes de Buquhan, Abbatie de Dere Fund ator."
David de Strathbolgie was killed in the forest of Kilbaine, with Walter and Thomas Comyn, in 1335. His Countess Katharine and her young son, aged three years, were beseiged in the castle of Lochindorb, from Nov., 1336, to August, 1336, when Edward III. came to her relief in person.
++ The Earl of Dunbar and March, writing to King Henry IV., in 1400, says: Gif Dame Alice the Beaumont, was your Grand Dame [Great Grandmother (?)] Dame Marjorie Cumyn was my Grand Dame on t'other side; so that I am bot of the feirde degree of kyn to you."-(See Pinkerton's History.) Margaret Ross may have married secondly the Earl of Dunbar and March; and her lands being given to, her first husband, may have settled on his heirs. Or, the Earl of Dunbar and March, in 1400, may have made a mistake in a generation, as he was descended from Bridget, eldest daughter of Alexander Comyn, Earl of Buchan, and aunt to Alice Beaumont and Margaret Ross.


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