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GODRED came to the throne of Man and the Isles in 1154; married Fingala, daughter of Mc LotlenKing of Ireland, died in 1187; and left the throne to his younger son Olave, who, of all his children, was alone considered legitimate. (See Chronicon Manniæ, Anno MCLXXXVII.)

              |                        |          |                              |
   Reginald, usurped the King-       Ivar      Affreca,married to           Olave (the Black) was kept = IInd, Christina, dau.
   dom of Man and the Isles                    John de Conroy,              out of his kingdom by             of Ferquhard, Earl
   in 1187, which he kept                      Earl of Ulster.              Reginald, till 1226. Died           of Ross.        |
   from his brother Olave                      on May 21st, 1237.            Married twice. Ist wife Joan,                      |
   till 1226                                                               the daughter of a nobleman of Eintyre.               |
  Made surrender                                                                  |                                             |
  of his kingdom to the Pope,                                                     |                                             |        
   1219.  Was slain in the                                                        |                                             +--------+------------+
   battle of Tynwald Hill,                                                        |                                             |        |            |
   Feb. 14, 1229.He mar-                                                          |                                           Leod.     Guin.     Leandres. 
   ried the daughter of a                  +-------------------+------------------+-------+---------------------------+
   nobleman of Kintyre.                    |                   |                          |                           |
             |                        Harold, born 1223.     Reginald. Came to       Affreca. Claimed the         Magnus. Came to the
             |                        Came to the            the throne in 1249.     Isle of Man on               throne of Man in
             |                         throne of Man         Was slain on the        the death of Magnus         1252 ; did homage
       +-----+-------------+          1237. Married          6th of May, of the      and  made                   for it to Alexander III
       |                   |           Cecilia,  dau.        same  year, near        petition for it to          of Scotland,
   Godred I Don.        Daughter       of Haco, king         Trinity Church,         Baliol,who refusing         in 1263, and
   assassinated in the  married to     of Norway.            Rushen,by the           her, was cited              died, without issue,
   Lewis in 1236.       Thomas Mac     Drowned in the        knight Ivar, the        to appear before            in Rushen Castle,
       |                Dhu Alan,      Somburg Rost          grandson of the         Edward I, at the            Nov. 24tb, 1265.
       |                son of Alan    in 1248. See          usurper Reginald.       King's Bench, in            See  Chronicon
       |                Lord of       Chronicon Manniae      He married Mary,        1293.   She married         Mananiae.   He was
       |                Galloway.                            dau. of Eugene de       Sir Simon de                the last of the
       |                                                     Ergadia, who after-     Montacute,  and             kings of Man, of
       |                                                     wards became            made over to him            the male race of
       |                                                     countess of Strathern   her rights by a             Godard Crovan.
       |                                                     by marriage             charter which is
       |                                                     with Malise, Earl       dated 1305.
       |                                                     of Strathern.   See
       |                                                     Appendix B. 
       +-----+-------------+                                    |
       |                   |                                 Mary, married
   Harold, seized      Ivar, the knight who                   to John de
   the Isle of         murdered Reginald                      Waldeboef.
   Man in 1250.        (Olaveson) in 1249. 
                       He opposed the
                       landing of the Scots         William de            Mary de = Sir William de Montacute.
                       under John Comyn             Waldeboef           Waldeboef,         obtained the Isle of
                       + Alexander Stewart,           |                said to have         Man from the Scots, in
                       and was slain               John de             been married         1305, and mortgaged it
                       in the battle of           Waldeboef,           to Sir               to Anthony Bee, Bishop
                       Ronaldsway, in 1270.      petitioned            William de           of Durham, and Patriarch
                       See Chronicon             Edward Ist            Montacute.           of Jerusalem.
                       Manniae, and              in 1345, for          See Sacheverell's         |
                       Appendix D.               the land of           Short                 Sir William de Montacute  Ist earl of
                                                 Man, and              Survey of the         Salisbury, re-conquered the Isle of
                                                 was suffered          Isle of Man,          Man from the Scots, in 1343, and
                                                 to be heard           p. 60.                was crowned king of Man in 1344,
                                                 in the King's                               and died the same year. 
                                                 Bench. See                                      |
                                                 Rot.  Parl.                                 Sir William de Montacute, IInd earl
                                                 33 Ed. Ist.                                 of Salisbury, succeeded his father as 
                                                                                             King of the Isle of Man in 1344, 
                                                                                             and sold his rights in 1393, to Scrope, 
                                                                                             Earl of Wiltshire.*

* " Wilhelmus le Scropp emit de Domino Wilhelmo Montacuto Insulam Eubouiae id est Manniae. Est nempe jus ipsius Insulae ut quisquis illius sit Dominus Rex vocetur, cui etiam fas est corona aurea coronari." See Sacheverell's Short Survey of the Isle of Man, p. 61. The Earl of Wiltshire having been defeated by Henry Duke of Lancaster (Henry IV), at Raglan Castle, in 1399, was beheaded without attainder. On this ground Mr. Simon Thomas Scrope, of Danby, in Yorkshire, is now (1864) claiming the Earldom. Henry IV professed to make grants of the Isle of Man, first to Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, and then in 1406 to Sir John Stanley.


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