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        SHOMHAIRLE (or SOMERLED) MACGILBERT, Thane of Argyle; 
         married for his second wife Affreca, illegitimate daughter 
          of Olave Kleining, King of Man, the father of Godred.-
               (See Appendix C)
            |                                      |                                   |                                 |
          Dugall, Lord of Lorn, made          Reginald, inherited Lorn on the       Aongus, slain in 1210 with         Olave.
          king of the Isles in 1155.          death of his brother Dugall,          his  three  sons. (See
                   |                        but at his demise, it reverted          Chronicon Manniae). 
                   |                         to Dugall's sons.
                   |                                       |
   +---------------+-+---------------+                     +-----+-----------------------+-------------------+
   |                 |               |                           |                       |                   |
Dugall Scrag.        Duncan           Haco Uspac;             Roderic                   Donald            Dugall
             founder of the priory  killed in Bute, 1230. (chief of Clan Rory),  (chief of Clan Donald)  (chief of Clan Dugall)
             of Ardchattan in Lorn.                       called Dominus de               |                  |   
                        |                                   Kyntire.                Angus Moir,           Duncan.
   Eugene or Ewen de Ergadia, Lord of Lorn.                    |               a member of the               |
   On account of his adherence to Norway,              +-------+------+         convention at Scone          |
      Alexander II. of Scotland made an ex             |              |                                      |  
   expedition against him in 1249, but died          Dugall,         Alan.                                   |
   at Kerreray          |                        King of the Isles. Bound himself            +---------------+-------------------------+
                        |                          No male issue.   at Scone, 1284,        Alexander (or Alaster) de Ergadia,         Malcolm
                 + -----+------------------------+                 to recognise         Thane of Glasserie and Knapdale,
                 |                               |                the Maid of Norway      Lord of Lorn; married the third
   Mary, married to Reginald (Olavesen)       A daughter,                               daughter of John Comyn (the first Red Comyn)+
   king of Man, who was slain by Ivar         married to Alexander                             |
   in 1249.  After Reginald's death she       of the Isles    +--------------------------------+
   married Malise, Earl of Strathern,                         |                                |
   by whom she had a son Malise,         John de Ergadia espoused the cause of            Duncan de Ergadia, the lord Dingawi
   afterwards Earl of Strathern. She         his cousin John (the second Red            Macdoual of the Chronicon Mannia,
   was styled Countess of Strathern,         Comyn, who was murdered by Bruce         who  defended Rushen castle against
   and Queen of Man.                           in 1306.)-(See Appendix D.)   He         king Robert Bruce,  in 1313. 
                                                had great possessions in the Isle of
   Mary, wife of John de Waldeboef, was         Man, from which he was driven out
   daughter of this Mary by Reginald,         by Bruce in 1313, and which he did
   King of Man.                                not recover till 1340. He is the 
                                               ancestor of the Macdougalls of Lorn.

The above table is taken chiefly from Skene's Highlaanders of Scotland

On the death of Ewen de Ergadia, [the father of Mary the wife of Reginald (Olavesen), see Appendix C,] the clan Siol Cuinn, of which he had been the head, was divided into three clans, the chiefs of which were the three sons of Reginald Macgilbert, younger brother of Dugall, the son of Somerled. It will be seen by the above table that Ewen de Ergadia, the father of Mary the wife of Reginald King of Man, was second cousin, once removed, to Alaster de Ergadia, who married a daughter of the first Red Comyn.

In the Chartulary of Cupar, 1253-70, appears the name of Alexander de Ergadia, son of Duncan, son of Dugall, son of Reginald, as a witness.-(See also Appendix D.)


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