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ALAN,* Lord of Galloway, died in 1233; he married thrice, and in
   addition to his legitimate family, he had an illegitimate only son,
called Thomas Mac Dhu Alan.
     |                          By his first wife,    |          By his second wife, Margaret, dau.            By his third wife, dau.
 Thomas Mac Dhu Alan, mar-          (name unknown).   |           of David,  Earl of Huntingdon.                 of Henry de Lacy.
 ried the daughter of Regin-             +------------+---+---------+----------------+------------+--------------------+ 
 ald, (bastard son of Godred     Helena, married       Thomas    Christian        Devorgille    Marian (or             No
 the Black) who ursurped the     to Roger de Quincy,   died      married in       married in    Mary)†          issue
 Kingdom of Man, in 1187.$       Earl of Winchester,   without   1236,to William  1233, to      married to John
 Fordun states that the people   and High Constable    issue.    de Fortibus,Earl John de       Comyn (the
 of Galloway were indignant      of Scotland, in                 of Albemarle.    Baliol,of     first Red
 because they could not         right of his wife.                No issue.       Barnard       Comyn)
 obtain that "Thomas filius          |                                            Castle.        | 
 naturalis Alani, exhereditatis      |           +------------------+--------------+-------------+------------+
 tribus filiabus suis heredibus      |           |                  |              |             |            |   
 legitimis, fieret hereset eorum     |        William Comyn,     John Comyn,     Alexander      Robert     Four daughters,
 Bominus."                           |     Earl of Menteith.   Lord of Badenoch     Comyn.      Comyn.      the third  of whom
                                     |                         (the Black Comyn).                        was married to‡ 
                                     |                              |                                     Alaster de Ergadia, 
                                     |                           John Comyn (the                              |                                                                                lord of Lorn 
                                     |                           Second Red Comyn)                            |
                                     |                           slain by Robert                      John de Ergadia. 
                                     |                           Bruce, 1306-7.
     |                                                 |                                 |
 Margaret, married to William de Ferrers,     Elizabeth, married to Alexander        Helen, I or Ela,
 VIth Earl of Derby.     For a short time     Comyn, Earl of Buchan #               married  to Alan
 till his death High Constable of Scot-       and High Constable of Scotland,      de Zouche, of
 land, in right of his wife.                   in right of his wife.                    Ashby.
      |                   |                   |                             |
 John Comyn,       Alexander Comyn,       William Comyn,#               Five daughters.
 Earl of Buchan.     Earl of Buchan.     Provost of the Canonry of     (See Appendix  D.) 
                         |                  St. Andrew's.
     Alice Comyn,                        Margaret Comyn
   married to Henry de Beaumont,     married to John de Ross,
   Lord of Man.¶                      son of the Earl of Ross.

* Son of Roland, Lord of Galloway. Roland, Lord of Galloway, married Ela or Helen de Moreville, sister of William de Moreville,High Constable of Scotland. The office of High Constable was hereditary in the family of the De Morevilles, and on the death of William, in 1196, went to Roland, in right of his wife; and then upon Alan's death, to her eldest grand-daughter Helena, and from her to the husbands of her daughters Margaret ard Elizabeth. Helena de Quincy's portion seems to have consisted of the estates and honors of the de Morevilles, whilst Galloway was reserved for the family of Margaret, of Scotland, the second wife of Alan.
† Shaw's History of Province of Moray. See Note 66 supra. The Galloway estates which were large, possessed by the Red Comyn, seem to have come to the family through this lady.
‡ See Appendix C.
William Comyn, Earl of Buchan, put down the rebellion of Gillespoc, Earl of Moray, about 1229; and Alexander the Second gave him as a reward, the territory of Badenoch, for his second son Walter: who, on his death, passed it on to the next second son of the family, viz., John, the Black Comyn.-(See Appendix D.)
# See Appendix D.
¶ See Appendix B and D.


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