From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX



THIS Indent made the xith day of Decembr, in the xvijth yer of the reygne of Kyng Henry the vijth, between W. Park on ye one pty and John Darse uppon the tother pte witnessythe yt ye said John is agreed and also by ye Indenlur guntyth to ye said Willm Parke to abide & dwelle wt ye said Willm from ye feste of the nativite of or lord unto ye end and fme of vj yeeres, the same fest next, etc., durynge which tme ye said John gunty the truly & lawly and delygently to sve ye said Willm and all besynes and honest labores at ye requeste and cõmandment of ye said Willm to accomplysch & pforme, and hys desyres and Byddynge to obsve and obbey in all thyngs lawfull and honeste. Also the said John guntyth to be have his and doo dwe revence unto ye said Willm duryng ye fine aforsaid as a curtesse and lowly sunt owe to doo to his maist. And yf the said Willm cmand ye said John his sunt to ..... or go to tech or Instruct any of ye said Willmi scolors duryng the terme afore rehersed. That ye said John schall wt good wyll Indev hyself deligently to doo ye same wtout gruggyng or gaynsayyng . . . to . . . dy holy day . . wark to tech undu the said Willim unlesse he send to hy on or before. And yf the saide John be obstynate In doynge of ye pmiss & wyll not fulfill his maist's cmaundemet that then it schalbe lefull to his said mast to correcte & punysch hy aft his demerit. Also yf ye sayd Wyllm have any besynes to do yt he must be fro hom a qut or half a yer or be veset wt seknes that then ye sayd John sve delygently his sayd masts Round & kep his scole to ye most pfit of his said mast, and not to depte frõ ye svice of the said Wilim wtout lycence & good wyll durynge’ ye tme afor rehersed, unlesse yt John, Abbot of Rushyn send for hý by sufficient wrytynge.* For which covennts truly to be obsved & kept on the ptie and behalf of the said John Darsse, The said Wyllm Parke gntythe by yis indent' unto ye said Darsse that he schal fyrste informe hym of his dayly svice anenst God also to instructe hý in dyscyplyne of good manrs & also to tech hý to synge prykkytsong, Discant of all man mesurs & to syng upon a pryksonge fawburdon to cownter of evy mesur, a to set a songe of thre pts iij or v sbstancyally, and also to play upon the organs any man playsong or prykkytsonge two pts or thre, and to mak playne & schew hý the secretts & speed of techynge & instruccyõn of evy of the pmisš in the best man & post speedfull he can yf so be it the said John will delygently apply hý self y'unto & yt his reason & capacyte can extend to the same. And also to se yt he schall have met, drýk, & other nesessaryes sufficient & cõvenient for such a scoler, pvided aiway yt yf the sayd abbot of ye chyrch of Ruschyn In the yle of ma yerly etent & pay to ye above namyd Willm or to any ma for hym in name of other nesessarys to ye yerly fyndynge of ye said John ~to ye some of xiijs iijd that some to be pceil of ye said John Exhebecyon a yerly to be alowed to ye said Wyllm Park duryng ye tme of vj yeres and to ye trew pfomance of all & ev of the covñants aforsayd on ye ptie of ye said Johii well & truly to be obsved & kept John, abbot of the monasite of Or lady of Ruschyn in ye yle of Man above named, Ranff Byrkhened Records of ye cete of Chest & Willm Chrech . .[Gill Thisleman] . . of the said cete beyn bondon & evy of theym is boundon unto ye said Willm by ye obligacoñ in the some of xxti li. all in the hole & evy of theym in the hole which oblygaciõ ye said Wyllm Park guntyth to be voyd & of non effecte yf ye said John his svñnt well & truly obsve pforme & kepe all & singler hys covenaunts afor rehersaid in ys indent specified on his ptie to be pformyd in witnesse of which ayther of ye pties to ye Indent intchangably have set to yro sealls, wretyn ye day & ye yer above specified.

* Under his seal.


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