[From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX]


A.D. 1408.

JOHN, by divine permission, bishop of Sodor, Richard, abbot of the monastery of the blessed Mary the Virgin, of Russyn, within the Island of Mann, Patrick, archdeacon of Mann, Cristina, prioress of Dowglas, Patrick, rector of the church of St. Bridget, Donald McCorkyll, rector of the church of St. Mary of Balylagh, Donnald, vicar of the church of St. Patrick of Zorba, Morice, vicar of Hollm, Michael the Canon, vicar of the church of the Holy Trinity of Ayre, William, vicar of the church of the Holy Trinity in the fields, Richard Byderosse, vicar of the church of St. Lupus, Richard, vicar of the church of St. Cantanus, Fyntt Mc Kee, John McCrystyn, Justices of the Island afore said, William Skerffe, William McCowyn, William de Innow, Patrick McThoryngt, Michael McSkerffe, Andrew McGray, John Andrew, Gybbon McKane, Patrick McKane, Gilcrist McDowytt, Patrick Thomlyngson, Gybbon McEssas, Gybbon McKane, William McCrystyn, Martyn Mc Oct', Gilcrist McNelle, Moldonny McBrow, Moldonny Mc Croyn, John McKyg, John Markeson, Dilnow McCorkyll, Gybbon McFalle, Jankyn McScaly and Scymynd McKee, Donnald the clerk, to all the faithful in Christ who may hereafter inspect or hear these present letters, eternal salvation in the Lord. Since, as it is said, Stephen Lestrop, knight, has of late asserted, that we, the aforesaid bishop, abbot, and all others as above, have acknowledged him, Stephen Lestropp, as heir of William Lestroppe, his brother, deceased, formerly lord of Mann, and delivered to the; said Stephen as heir of the said William Lestroppe the aforesaid Island, with all and singular its lordships, rents, services, Franchises, royalties, together with all other its appurtenances whatsoever, and wheresoever, to the said Island belonging, to Have and to Hold to him and his heirs forever, at a Court held at Tynwald Hill within the Island aforesaid, on the day, etc., in the 15th year of the reign of King Richard, the second since the conquest of England, together with all offices in the aforesaid Island, with the advantages aforesaid, and that we have again received the said offices at Tynwald to hold from the same Stephen. And because it is desirable, that every great falsehood and blasphemy utterly devoid of truth, should be defaced from the hearts of the faithful, and the testimony of truth proclaimed. Know all men that we the aforesaid bishop, abbot, and others aforesaid, etc., have never received or acknowledged the aforesaid Stephen to be heir of the said William, in, or at, the aforesaid Island, with all and singular, its lordships, as above recited, etc.nor have we delivered any offices or lands or tenements in the sad, Island to the same Stephen, as heir of the said William, nor received or again received the same from the same Stephen, to hold at any time. And we signify, testify, and make known all these things, to all and singular whom it may concern. For a true and public testimony whereof, we have caused our seals to be affixed to these presents, in a full Court held at Tynwald Hill, in the aforesaid Island, on Monday next before the Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, in the year of our Lord, etc., but in the ninth year of the reign of our most dread king and lord, Henry, the fourth since the conquest of England. Dated the day, place, and year abovesaid, etc.*

# Twelve seal-ties remain attached to this document, with fragments of sixteen seals in red wax, the greater part impressed with initial letters.


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