[From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX]

 For Luke Macquyn, 1403


A.D. 1403.

THE King, to all, to whom, etc., greeting. Know that we have conceded of our especial grace, to Luke Macquyn, of the Island of Man, Scholar, certain alms called particles, in the island aforesaid, vacant, as said, and in our gift, and which alms are appropriated to the support of certain poor scholars of the island aforesaid, and which were given, confirmed, and conceded perpetually to the scholars by our predecessors, former Kings of England; to have and to hold to the said Luke the alms aforesaid, as long as he shall remain a scholar for the benefit of the church, and shall not be promoted. In which, etc., witness the King at Abyndon, the 26th day of December.

By the King himself.


5 HEN. IV.

Omibz ad quos ete. sattm. Sciatis qd de gra speli concessiün Luce Macquyn de Insula de Man Scolari quondam elemosinam vocatam pticules in Insula pdca vaeantem ut dicitr et ad nram domacõen spectantem que quidem elemosina ad sustentacõem cujusdam paul3is scolaris de Insula tidca ad ex'encend scolas p progenitores nros quondam Reges Angt data fuit et concessa p ppetuo duratui- ut accepims hend eidem Luce eleïmosinam pdcam gamdiu scolas et ad beneficium ecctiasticum non fuit pmotus In cujus etc. T.R. apud Abyndon xavi die Decembr

Per ipm Regem.


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