From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX

Charter of Nicholas, 1193


A.D. 1193.

NICHOLAS, by the grace of God, bishop of the Isles, to all the sons of holy mother church, greeting. Be it known to all of you, that we approve whatever liberty has been hereto-tofore in electing Bishops of the Isles, the episcopal seat of which is called Sodor, which illustrious men, Kings of the Isles, have voluntarily conferred on the monks of the church of Holy Mary of Furnes ; which liberty also the popes have confirmed by their authority to the said monks. Since, therefore, the aforesaid episcopal see has become vacant, the aforesaid monks to whom the right of election belongs by right, have unanimously agreed in the election of our person, and have devoutly accorded us their common assent, through the mediation of God. Lest, therefore, in time to come, anything be done to the prejudice of the said monks, we have affixed our seal to the present document to strengthen the testimony of its validity.

These being witnesses : John, Abbat of Caldra ; W. Prior of Kermel ; T. Prior of Cuningeshevid ; Roger, parson of Kyrkebi Yrlid ; John, parson of Kyrkebi Lonisdale.



NICHOLAUS dci gratia Insularum Episcopus omnibus sancte matris eeclesie fihiis salutem. Noverit universitas vestra nos ratum habere et gratum, quicquid libertatis super eli-gendis imperpetuum Episcopis Insularum quarum Sedes Episcopalis Sodorensis appellatur, yin illustres reges Insularum mona-chis ecclesie Sancte Marie de Furnesio caritative contulerunt. Quam libertatem etiam summi pontifices suis auctoritatibus eisdem monachis confirmaverunt. Cum itaque predicta sedes episcopalis vacasset, prefati monachi ad quos jus eligendi de jure spectat in electione personne nostre unanimiter convenerunt, et communem assensum mediante deo nobis devote prebuerunt. Ne ergo aliquid in prejuclicium eorundem monachorum fiat imposterum ad yen-tatis testimonium roborandum presenti scnipto sigillum nostrum apposuimus.

Hiis testibus : Johanne, Abbate de Caldra ; W. Prione de Kermel ; T. Pniore de Cuningesheyid ; Rogero, persona de Kyrkebi Yrlid ; Johanne, persona de Kyrkebi Lonisdale.

* Vol. I., fol. 30.
also Cott. MS., Claudius B. III., fol. 131b.


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