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The following list taken from that published in vol 1 of the society's publications shows the founder members;NM = non-manx, a '*' indicates a member in 1868/9;
They include 23 out of the 24 Keys, most of the Legislative Council or senior adminsitrators and most (if not all) of the legal profession as well as 10 vicars/rectors.

List of Members 1858    Notes
Adams, Alfred W., Crown Solicitor of Man. *
Adams, William, Douglas
Adamson, Lawrence, H.M.'s Seneschal of Man. NM*
Adamson, Law. W., Advocate, Douglas.
Anderson, W. J., Capt. 32nd Regt. *
Archer, Robert, Douglas *
Argyll, His Grace the Duke of NM
Asaph, St., The Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of NM* Bishop Thomas Vowler Short - Bishop of Sdr & Man 1841-1847
Avison, Thomas, F., Liverpool. President of Liverpool Law Soc 1844/5
Backwell, M. P., Douglas NM Publisher
Baldwen, Hargreaves, Laxey *
Bamber S. J., Douglas NM Septimus J., teacher of Music, Douglas
Barnwell, Rev. E. L., M.A., Ruthin, N. NM* Secretary to Cambrian Arch. Association (wrote paper re Runic stones)
Bath and Wells, The Hon. and Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of NM* Robert John Eden - Lord Auckland - Bishop of Sdr & Man 1847-1854
Beckwith, Wm., Glencrutchery, Conchan. Mine Owner
Bell, James, Mount Vernon, Douglas.
Bell, George, Leith, N.B
Bennett, J. Geo., H.K., Willaston NM (1809-1880) son of Henry Ley Bennett (tobacco and snuff manufacturer/merchant) & Martha Ratcliffe who moved to Island after death of Henry c. 1823 - m.1839 Sarah Anne Woodward (1814-1886) Liverpool. The family resided at Ballacosnahan, Patrick, c. 1842-47 then built substantial house called Willaston (The Old Hall, Willaston, Wirral, was the'ancestral' home of the Bennett family) in Onchan
Bluett, Arthur, Advocate, Douglas. Son of J.C. Bluett
Booth, B. W., Swinton, near Manchester
Bonaparte, His Highness Prince L. Lucien NM* Well known Celtic scholar - had visited Man to learn Manx
Bowman, J. R., Douglas.
Brearey, W. A. Douglas
Bridson, Henry, F.R.S.A., Harwood *
Bridson, John, M.D., Douglas
Bridson, John, Liverpool. *
Bridson, Paul, A.G.H.S.Honorary Secretary, Douglas *
Bridson, Thomas Ridgway, Mornington. house Southport. *
Bridson, Thos. Ridgway, Jun., Bridge house, Bolton-le-Moors.
Broadbent, Frederick, Bolton-le-Moors
Brown, Rev. T. E., M.A., Vice-Principal of King William's College, Castletown. * The famous poet - moved shortly to Clifton
Brown, Charles, Chester.
Burman, James, F.R.A.S., Ballasalla. NM Secretary to Lieut-Governor
Cadman, Henry, Howstrake, Conchan. NM*
Caine, Rev. Thomas, Vicar of Lonan.
Caine, Rev. William, M.A., Greenheys Manchester.
Calcraft, Mrs., Summer Hill, Conchan.
Caley, Rev. R. Llewellyn, M.A., Precentor of Bristol Cathedral
Caley, James A., F.G.S., H.M.'s Civil Service, Ceylon.
Callister, Wm., H.K., Thornhill, Ramsey
Callow, T. C., Advocate, Douglas
Callow, Edward, London
Callow, James William, London
Cannell, Rev. John, St.Matthew's, Douglas
Carr, Rev. James, Douglas. NM Wesleyan Minister Douglas
Carran, Thomas, Peel.
Cattley, Rev. Richard, Worcester
Christian, W. Watson, Water-Bailiff, &c. Isle of Man.
Christian, Rev. W. B., Milntown, Vicar of Lezayre.
Clague, Richard, Douglas
Cleator, Charles, Douglas
Cleland, Rev. James, Douglas
Clucas, Fred. B. Ramsey
Clucas, John Thomas, Advocate Castletown.
Clucas, Thomas, H.K., (the late) Ballafreer, Marown
Clucas, John, Ballaquinney, Marown.
Coffin, Dr., Manchester.
Cookson, George, M.D., Douglas N.M Brother of Eliz Cookson
Corlett, Thomas Arthur, Vicar-General Ramsey.
Corrin Thomas
Coubrough, William Kaye, Liverpool.
Cowan, Charles, M.P. (for) Edinburgh
Cowman, John, Douglas.
Cowper, Thomas, Douglas.
Crane, John, C.P., Ballaugh
Crebbin, Lewis, Douglas.
Crebbin, George, Douglas.
Crellin, John F., H.K., Orrysdale, Michael.
Crellm, Robert Q., Castletown
Crockett, Miss, Cannock, Staffordshire.
Cubbin, Henry, Strathallan Park, Conchan.
Cubbon, John, Douglas
Cubbon, William, Broomhill, Denny Stirlingshire.
Cumming, Rev. J. G., M.A., F.G.S., Warden of Queen's College, Birmingham. NM Well Known antiquarian and geologist - edited/wrote several volumes
Cuninghame, P. T. , H. K., Castletown.
Curphey, Peter, (the late) Douglas
Curphey, Rev. W. T., M.A., Liverpool.
Dalrymple, William, Jun., Braddan. NM owned Union Mills
Davidson, Rev. H. C., King William's College, Castletown. NM
Derby, Right Hon. the Earl of, Knowsley. NM The 14th Earl
Dixon, Rev. R., D.D., Principal of King William's College, Castletown. NM
Drinkwater, Deemster (a Donation) Kirby. NM
Drury, Rev. Wm., Vicar of Braddan
Duggan, Rev. W., Vicar of Marown.
Dumbell, Geo. Wm., Belmont, Douglas NM Banker
Dunlop, Alex. Murray, M.P., Greenock * Son of Anthony Dunlop
Dutton, Miss, Villa Marina, Douglas. Proprietors of well known girl's school - see under Villa Marina
Falconer, Col., Strathallan Park, Conchan.
Fargher, Robert, Douglas. printer/publisher
Farrant, William, H. K., Ballamoar,Jurby.
Farrant, E. Curphey, H.K., Ballakallingan, Lezayre.
Faulder, Edward, H.K., Ellerslie, Marown.
Fleming, Maxwell, M.D., Douglas
Fordati, James, Sycamores, Ballasalla. Son-in-law of Basil Quayle
French, Gilbt. J., F.S.A., Cor. Mem. S.A. Scot., Bolton-le-Moors.
Garbett, Mrs., Fearn's Head, Warrington.
Garrett, P. L., Douglas.
Garrett, Thomas, Douglas.
Garrett, John, Liverpool.
Garston, Edgar K. S., Aigburth
Gawne, Edw. M., Speaker of the H.K.
Gell, James, High-Bailiff of Castletown.
Gell, John, H.K., Kennaa, German.
Gell, Evan, H.K., Whitehouse, Michael.
Gell, William, Douglas.
Gelling, Fred. L., Advocate, Castletown.
Gelling, Richard, Douglas.
Gelling, Jas. Geo., Treasurer, Douglas.
Gelling, Miss, St. John's Wood, London.
Gelling, Rev. John, M.A., St. Catherine's Cree, London.
Gelling, Daniel, 41, Catherine-street, Liverpool.
Gill, Rev. Wm., Vicar of Malew
Gill, Rev. Wm., Incumbent of St. John's Fitzroy Square, London.
Gill, Henry C., Advocate, Castletown
Goldsmith, John, Douglas
Graham, Rev. Rich., A.B., Norwich.
Graves, Henry, Peel. Ship builder
Green, Mrs., Rockmount, German. Sister? to Wm Harrison
Hanna, Rev. Dr., Edenburgh.
Harris, Samuel Sumner-General, Marathon, Douglas. Advocate
Harrison, Rev. J. E., (the late) Jurby
Harrison, Rev. Bowyer, Vicar of Maughold.
Harrison, William, H.K., Rockmount, German NM major contributor to volumes
Harrison, Joseph Ridgway, Ballachrink, Malew.
Harrison, Ridgway, H.K.,Woodside House Douglas.
Harrison, J. C. T., Advocate, Ballaughton,
Harrison, J. Paul, Ballavarran Jurby
Haslam, William, H.K., Ballaglass, Maug
Holmes, Rev. Arch., Vicar of Patrick
Hope, The Hon. Charles, Lieut.-Governor, President, Isle of Man. NM Lieut.-Governor 1845-1860
Howard, Rev. Thomas, Rector of Ballaugh
Howard, Rev. John, Vicar of Conchan.
Howard, Rev. W. W., M.A., H.M.'s Inspector of Schools.
Hume, Rev. Abraham, D.C.L., L.L.D. F.S.A., Liverpool.
Jeffcott, John M., H.K., Castletown
Jefferson, Joseph, Bemahague, Conchan, Treasurer.
Jefferson, John, Derby Square, Douglas.
Jefferson, George, Liverpool.
Johnson, R. H., Douglas. Printer based in Douglas
Kayll, John Jas., The Green, Sunderland. Family connected with Island since 1760. Partner in large glass works in Sunderland, son was J.J. Kayll who went to KWC, later becoming an artist/manager of a stained glass company whose products are in St Mathews and Ramsey churches.
Keeble, Rev. J., Hursley, near Winchester.
Kelly, Mrs. Gordon, London.
Kermode, Rev. Wm., St. Paul's, Ramsey
Kermode, Robert Quayle, Mona Vale, Tasmania (1812-1870) - see Manx Worthies
Kewley, James, Rolls Offlce, Castletown.
Killey, Philip, H.K., Balla-willey-killey, Marown
King, Frederick, Falcon Cliffe, Douglas.
Kneale, William, Douglas.
Knapp, Mrs. John, Edinburgh.
Lace, Francis John, Stone Gappe, York
Lamothe, F. J. D., H.K. Ramsey
Laughton, Alfred N., Advocate, Douglas. NM* Later High Bailiff of Peel - see Reminiscences
Laun, Henri Vau, King William's College, Castletown. NM
Law Library, Castletown, Isle of Man
Leach, Frederick, Ramsey Printer/Publisher - used name Leech
Lemon, Alfred D., Douglas Advocate
Lewin, D. Duncan, Douglas.
Lhoyd, Alexr. E., Dartmouth, Devonshire.
Lloyd, Robert, Oakwood, Crayford, Kent.
Lumsden, William, Glenaspet, Patrick.
MacGuffog, Mrs., (the late) Douglas
MacHutchin, Rev. M. Wilks.
MacKenzie, Rev. Wm., Strathallan Park, Honorary Secretary. NM
MacKenzie, John Ord, Manchester.
Mackinnon, John, Cairnbro., Coatbridge.
Mackinnon, Peter, Rose-hall,W.Coatbridge
MacMullin, J. A., Douglas
Matthews, Francis, H.K.; Glyn Moore, German.
Moore, Joseph C., The ven., Archdeacon of Sodor and Man.
Moore, R. J., H.K., High-Bailiff of Peel.
Moore, William F., H.K., Cronkbourne Braddan. Manufacturer of SailCloth at Tromode;Father of A.W.Moore
Moore, Edward, 2 Derby Square, Douglas.
Moore, William Stevenson, Lhergydhoo, German.
Moore, Rev. John Frewen, M.A., Bath.
Murray, Capt. H., R.A., H.K., Thornton.
Murray, Geo. Moore, Mexico.
Mylrea, John, Douglas. Bookseller, Douglas
Napier, John, Glasgow. NM
Nelson, Samuel C. Douglas
Noble, H. B., Derby Square, Douglas. NM Henry Noble - famous merchant + benefactor
North Leith Free Church Library, Scotland. NM Probably via Rev Mackenzie
Ogden, C. R., H.M.'s Attorney-General for the Isle of Man NM
Oliver, John R., M.A., M.D., London. NM r
Ormsby, Rev. W. A., Rector of Smallburgh Norwich.
Oswald, H. R., F.S.A., Douglas. NM Antiquarian
Philpot, Rev. Benjamin, M.A., F.G.S., (late Archdeacon of the Isle of Man ) Rector of Great Cressingham, Norfoik. NM
Pole, C. Chandos, Falkner-street, Liverpool.
Quayle, M. H., Clerk of the Rolls, Castletown. Mark Hildesley Quayle
Quayle, Robert Tellett, Castletown.
Quine, James, Douglas.
Quirk, Richard, R.G., Douglas
Quirk, Richard, H.K., Rheaby; Patrick.
Quirk, Rev. James R., M.A., Attleborough, Parsonage, Warwickshire
Quirk, Rev. George, B.A., Rector of Martinsthorpe, Rutland, and Curate of Bringhurst, Leicestershire.
Reeves, L. Buckle, R.N., Douglas.
Richards, Thomas, Douglas
Richardson, Robt., Derby Square, Douglas.
Robertson, A. S., Aultnaskiah, Inverness.
Robinson, William, Bolton-le-Moors Douglas born; publisher of many Temperance tracts 1844-8
Rogers, Alfred S., Manchester. Advocate
Rogerson,Thos, Ballamillaghyn, Braddan.
Rowe, Richard, Laxey Glen, Lonan NM Mines manager
Sayle, William, Douglas.
Sherwood, Richard, Advocate, Douglas. Advocate
Shimmin, John, Liverpool
Simpson, Rev. S., St. Thomas', Douglas.
Skottowe, William, Kilkenney, Braddan. also associated with MSPCA
Skrimshire, F. C., Agent to H.M.'s Woods and Forests, Isle of Man. NM
Smith, Henry, Bankfield, Ulverston.
Sodor and Man, The Hon. and Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of, Bishop's Court. NM Bishop Powys
Spittall, Alex., H.K., Laureston, near Douglas.
Spittall, Andrew, M.D., Coldstream Guards
Spittall, James, Sunny Side, Douglas.
Stanley, Right Hon. Lord, H.M.'s Secretary of State for India, Knowsley NM Edward Henry 15thEarl of Derby - though only a distant relation to the Stanley Lords
Steel, Alex., Ph.D., Crescent, Douglas NM Doctor Steel of Steel's Academy
Stephen, Deemster, (a Donation) Ramsey.
Sterling, Wm., M.P., Keir
Stewart, H. Dunn, Tonderghie, Whithorn.
Stowell, Rev. Hugh, M.A., Canon of Chester, Salford.
Stowell, Rev. Hugh A., M.A., The Dhoon, Maughold.
Stowell, Rev. John L., M.A., Vicar of German.
Stuart, Alex. Charles, Eaglescarnie, Haddingtonshire.
Taubman, J. S. Goldie, H.K., The Nunnery, Douglas.
Thomas, Miss, Ballacosnahan
Tootal, Thomas, Douglas.
Torrance, Gavin, (the late) Douglas
Torrance, Gilbert, Douglas.
Tyrell, Mrs. Ilfracombe, Devonshire.
Underwood, Thomas, M.D., Castletown.
Watts, Henry B., Advocate, Douglas NM Advocate
Weatherall, Rev. Robert, Elton Rectory Nottingham NM Brother of Mrs Elliot - see Manx Recollections
Wilks, Miss, Douglas.
Wilson, Senhouse, High-Bailiff of Douglas.
Woodhouse, John, Bolton-le-Moors.
Woods, George, Aigburth.
York, His Grace the Archbishop of. NM* The diocese of Sodor and Man comes under York

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