[From Manx Note Book vol 2, 1886]


AT a Meeting of the Isle of Mann Natural History and Antiquarian Society, held at Ramsey, on January the 7th, the President, Mr. P. M. C. Kermode, M.B.O.U read a paper "An Introduction to the Study of Lichens in the Isle of Mann," in which he urged the formation of collections and a more general support of the library, which was contemplated from the first. The paper, which was deeply interesting, was illustrated by coloured diagrams representing specimens of lichens. A letter was received from Professor Herdman, D.Sc., F. L.S., &c., of University College, Liverpool, expressing thanks for his election as a Corresponding Member, and presenting to the Society two of his works, viz., " The Vertebrate Fauna of the Firth of Forth," and a "Phylogenetic Classification of Animals, " which were accepted with hearty thanks.

February the 4th.-A Meeting was held at Castletown, the President in the chair when an interesting paper by Dr. Alfred Haviland was read on "The necessity for collecting and arranging the ascertained facts relative to the Glaciation of the Isle of Mann." A communication was also received from A. Ramsey, Esq., F.G.S., respecting "Phenological Stations," and it was decided to attempt such work in various parts of the Island under a settled plan. The President exhibited a good rubbing of the sculptured cross found on the Calf, now in the possession of Mrs. Quayle, Bridge House; some Geological specimens were shown, and the Rev. Ernest B. Savage, M. A., Secretary, brought to the meeting a curious specimen of a "holed stone", found near Snaefell on a recently dug drain. Mrs. John Goldsmith, of Ramsey, and Mr. Windus, of Greeba Castle, nominated at the last meeting, were duly elected Ordinary Members.

March the 11th.--The Seventh Annual Meeting was held in S. Thomas' School, Douglas; Mr. P. M. C. Kermode, presided. A communication from Professor Herdman, ' 'Notes on the Marine Fauna of the South of the Isle of Mann," was presented to the Meeting. The Secretary's Report showed that there were 81 Members of the Society, viz. 5 Honorary, 9 Corresponding, and 67 Ordinary Members. in the autumn of last year Professor Boyd Dawkins, F.R.S., an Honorary Member of this Society, visited the Island, and at the request of His Excellency the Lieut.-Governor, prepared a most valuable report on Manx Antiquities. This ought to lead to the passing of an adequate measure for their preservation. The report closed with an argumentum ad judicium, why the Committee of Council on Education should not give the same encouragement to the teaching of Manx in Elementary Schools in the Isle of Mann, as was given to Welsh and Gaelic in Wales and Scotland? On the practical utility of promoting the study of the Manx language, an animated discussion took place, in which the Rev. W. Morris, M.A., Messrs, J. C. Crellin, J. A. Brown, C. O. Wickert, S. Nuttall, and others, took a principal part. It was ultimately agreed that a petition be presented to the Committee of Council on Education to endeavour to bring this about.

The President's Address, of which we regret we are not able to give more than a mere abstract, was able and exhaustive; it dealt with (1) The Objects and Origin of the Society; (2) The Natural History of the Island; (3) The Antiquities of the Island; (4) The future of the Society.


It was for the purpose of concentrating and combining the efforts of individual observers, of communication of discoveries, and facilitating the interchange of ideas on Natural History and Antiquities.


This subject was treated in an manner that reflected the highest credit on the author, and displayed considerable research. A list of authors and their works was given, who had treated of the following subjects, viz., Geology, Mineralogy, Palaeontology, Botany, Zoology, &c.


These received a fair share of attention, and it was pointed out that the first aim of the Members of the Society should be directed towards furnishing a complete catalogue of all our Antiquities, at the same time never losing sight of the great need that existed for a Manx Museum.


If only we are persuaded to work together, and each Member can contribute some little, this is what our Society can do, and our future success and popularity will be assured. We shall be recognised as an institution deserving the patriotic support of our countrymen at home and abroad, the encouragement of influential individuals and learned Societies, and the recognition and aid - if required - of our Legislature.

The following were unanimously elected Officers for the ensuing year:- Hon. President, His Excellency the Lieut.-Governor; President, the Rev. Ernest B. Savage, M.A.; Treasurer, Miss A. M. Crellin; Secretary, Mr. W. J. Cain. The Rev. Ernest B. Savage, M.A., was elected delegate to represent the Society at the British Association. A vote of thanks to the Officers for their services during the past year terminated the meeting.



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