[From ManxNoteBook vol i,1885]

Manx Ballad LESH SOOREE (Courting Song)T
HE FOLLOWING BALLAD IS TAKEN FROM THE COLLECTION OF THE LATE ROBERT GAWNE, AND HAS been translated by Mr. W. J. CAIN. We may state for the benefit of those who do not understand Manx that Mr. J. M. SUTHERLAND'S spirited English version closely represents the original.

ESH sooree ayns y geurey,
An vennick veign ny lhie,
Agh shooyll ayns y dorraghey,
Scoan faghyn yn raad thie.

IN the long, gloomy nights of the winter
I was seldom or ever in bed,
And I knew little dreaming or sleeping,
For 'spent them in courting instead.

VEIGN goll gys yn unnagyn,
As crankal shirrey stiagh,
In fliaghey yealley orrym,
As my lieckauyn gaase ghlass.

WOULD go to the windows and tap them,
Oh, how to get in I did pray
'While the rain on my head was descending,
And my cheeks were as pale as the spray.

O SHIMMEY oie liauyr geurey,
Ta mee rieau er ceau
Ny hassoo ec ny uniagyn,
Derrey veign er creau.

O! MANY a night dark and dreary
I have passed as I stood on the green,
At the windows until I was weary,
And oft in a shiver have been.

MY cassyn neesht Yeagh flugh,
As draggit lane dy laagh,
Cha leah yinnyn yarrood eh,
Dy vakin's ben aeg bwaagh.

MY feet would be damp as a river,
And draggled all over with mire;
But I soonly got over troubles
If I saw a bright maid by the fire.

YN ushtey roic jeh my alt,
As my feaklyn snaggaree,
Yn craggan jeh my juntyn,
Booil er y gless cheu mooie.

MY hair would be dripping with water,
And my teeth in a chatter would be;
While the skin would be sore on my fingers
With tapping, a sweetheart to see.

G RAA my graih as my gerjagh,
Nish lhiggys oo mee stiagh,
Son dy voym's agh un oor,
jeh dy heshaght villish naugh.

WOULD cry, oh, my love and my solace!
Let me in, pretty maiden, I pray;
For I long to sit down and to revel
In thy company sweet, if I may.

Fow royd voish yn uniag,
Fow royd ta mee dy graa,
Son cha jean-ym lhiggey stiagh oo,
Ta fys aym's er my shaare.

BEGONE now at once from the window,
Be off, sir, and quickly, I say.
For I vow you will ne er be aamitted,
I am not to be so led astray.

MY dy my obbal thow,
As dy vel oo mee chur jeh,
Son rieau vah mee smooinaghtyn,
Dy reh oo veaagh my reih.

THEN loud I would cry in my sorrow,
Refuse me not maiden so fair,
Nor turn me away-I've been thinking
We would make a most loveable pair.

DY bragh ny dy brag guilley,
Cha bee ayms ad son ben,
Son cha vel mee goll dy phoosey,
My taitnys hene vys aym.

NO never, I say, I could never
As the wife of your bosom endure.
For as long as I live and am singing.
I will please but myself I am sure.

HUG ee eisht yn filleag urree
As haink ce sheesh my whail,
Lesh phaagaghyn cha graihagh,
Ta lane j'yn cur meeiteil.

HER shawl then she threw o'er her shoulders,
And in glee forth to meet me she came.
And we vowed to be true in our kisses,
How many have acted the same!

T'A ny creeaghyn ain cha kengal,
Lesh yn gerjagh as v'ain cooidjagh,
Nagh geayll shiu rieau lhied roie,
As scoan my nee shin arragh.

OUR hearts with Love's sunshine were lighted,
Forgotten was quickly my pain ;
Such rapture sure never was heard of,
And scarcely I think will again.  


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