[From ManxNoteBook vol i,1885]

Meetings of Societies

ISLE OF MANN NATURAL HISTORY AND ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY.-A meeting was held in Ramsey on the 14th of April, when two ordinary members were elected. The auditors' report was presented, which shewed a balance in hand of £9 9s. 11d. A paper by the Rev. R. P. Murray, M A., F.L.S., Cor: Mem: of the Society, was then read by the President, in the absence of the writer; it contained a pleasant account of a Botanical excursion in the neighbourhood of La Rochelle, making frequent reference to Manx Botany, with which the writer is well acquainted. A small committee was appointed to consider the advisability of publishing in a permanent form some of the more important papers that have been read before the Society since its formation. A meeting was held in Douglas on the 19th of May, when various excursions during the summer and autumn were arranged. The President read two papers, one "On the Mammals of the Isle of Mann," and the late Mr. E. Birchall's list of " Manx Butterflies, * which contained 17 varieties; but to these Mr. Kermode had added 6 already, bringing the number at present known to 23.



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