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ISLE OF MANN NATURAL HISTORY AND ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY.–During that part of last Winter Session that comes within the year 1884, the following papers were read:–

5th Jan.– "Notes on some discoveries at Orrysdale Head," by the Rev. Ernest B. Savage.
,, –" Our Insect Enemies–Cutworm," by Mr. Philip M. C. Kermode.
,, –"Note on a Specimen of the Silver Fir (Abies Petinata") by Dr. Tellett.

4th Mar.–"Note on the Ancient Canoe discovered at Ballakaighen, German," by Mr. P. M. C. Kermode.
,, –"The Preservation of Manx Place Names," by the Rev. Ernest B. Savage.

6th May.–" Note on the Common Frog," by Mr. N. Clarke.

–At the annual meeting held on the 1st April, the following officers were elected: President–Rev. W Kermode, Rector of Ballaugh; Vice-President–Mr J. C. Crellin, M.A.; Treasurer–Miss A.M. Crellin, Orrysdale, Michael; Secretary–Rev. Ernest B. Savage, M.A., St. Thomas' Parsonage, Douglas, In the month of June, a party of "The North Staffordshire Naturalists' Field Club and Archaeological Club", numbering about fifty, paid a visit to the Island; members of the Isle of Mann Society acted as guides, thus enabling them, from local knowledge, to cover a large extent of ground in their four daily excursions. On the 24th July, an excursion was made to Foxdale and neighbourhood; and on the 31st July, there was a new departure in a day's excursion to Furness Abbey and Barrow-in Furness, which was in every way successful; and the principle of one annual trip beyond our own coasts was strongly urged by those present. The first meeting of the present winter session was held on the 11th November, when the following communications were presented:–" A List of Manx Minerals," by Professor Warington Smyth, F.R.S., and a paper by Mr. C. O. Wickert on "The International Ornithological Congress" held at Vienna, April 1884. The members were much gratified to learn that his Excellency the Lieut.-Governor had expressed his willingness to become patron of the Society, and a resolution was unanimously passed to that effect. A meeting was also held on the 16th December, when a paper on " The Monumental Crosses of Mann" was read by Mr. P. M C. Kermode; and a letter by Mr. F. Swinnerton on some "Flints" found by him at Port St. Mary, specimens of which were shewn. The following were elected honorary members–Professor W. Boyd Dawkins, F.R.S., and Professor W. Warington Smyth, F.R.S.

THE ISLE OF MANN SCHOOL OF ART.–On the 23rd October, the following were elected to serve as the committee;– Mrs. Walpole, Mrs. W. F. Moore, Mrs. A. N. Laughton, Rev. E. Ferrier, Col. Paul, Dr. Okell, Messrs. R. S. Stephen, P. Christian, J. M. Nicholson, James Cowle, A. Lewis, and J. Boyd (Secretary). His Excellency the Lieut.-Governor, the High-Bailiff of Douglas, and the Chairman of the Douglas Town Commissioners, are members (ex-officio). We understand that it is intended to give a series of Science Lectures in connection with the above Institution.

THE Literary and Debating Societies of Castletown and Peel, and those in connection with the Churches of St. George and St. Thomas, in Douglas, have all had successful sessions. Among many interesting papers, we have only space to note "The Tripartite Nature of Man" by the Rev. Dr. Hughes-Games; "The Physiology of Digestion" by Dr. F. B. Pullin, and "The Electric Telegraphing System" by Mr. Kinvig. There have been debates on - " Free Trade," " Local Option,"" The Present Standard of Education," &c.

THE Liverpool Manx Society's annual re-union was as successful as usual, and they have had several other meetings during the year,

The editor regrets that he has not been able to give more space to the Meetings of Societies,in the present Number, but he hopes to be able to do so in future. Communications from the Secretaries of Societies at home and Manx Associations abroad will be welcomed.


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