[From ManxNoteBook vol i,1885]

Castle Rushen A


SEDATIO ter . et tenementorum Thomae Comitis Derbiae Domini Stanley I...
Manniae: De IIIbus Shedynes in terra sua Mannae prcedicta viz De Rushen, Me . al, Gariff...
Wilhelmo Parre contrascriptore ibidem cum aliis officiariis Domini mense Junii . . . Domini Millesimo Dm Xmo communibus terminis solutionis. Incipiet ad festum Sancti Michaelis Archangeli A . . Millesimo DmXImo; in onere Roberto Calcote, Receptore ibidem.
(PROBABLE TRANSLATION )-[. The setting of the lands and tenements of Thomas Earl of Derby, Lord Stanley of the I(sle) of Mann: of the three Shedynes in his land of Mann aforesaid namely: of Rushen, Me(d)al, Gariff ( . . . ) ? William Parre, comptroller there, with other officers of the Lord, in the month of June (Anno) Domini 1510th, at the usual times of payment. It shall begin at the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel, A(nno Domini) 1511th: Robert Calcote, Receiver there, being in charge."

Thus commences the first Manorial Roll in the Isle of Mann. The original document is quite illegible in various places. The three remaining Sheadings were surveyed in 1515. These surveys, which have been taken at intervals ever since 1511, are records of the terms on which the tenants were confirmed in their holdings.


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