[From Mannin #8,1916]

Seventeenth Annual Meeting of the Manx Society (1916)

THE Annual Meeting of the Manx Society was held in the Town Hall, Douglas, on Hollantide Day. In the absence of the President (Mr. W. H. Gill), Mr. W. H. Bell was voted to the chair.

In the course of the general report, Miss Morrison, the Secretary, said that the past year had been for the Island a period of considerable literary activity. She enumerated the volumes of poetry published by Miss Mona Douglas and Mr. Walter W. Gill, and the collection of Carvals in the Manx language, now nearing completion, collected and edited by Mr. P. W. Caine; Mr. C. R. Shimmin’s latest play, entitled The Third Boat ; another Manx play, Ellie’s Stranger, by Mr. W. Clucas Kinley, and a series of little plays by ‘Cushag’; MANNIN continued to flourish and draw together in closer bonds Manx people all over the world; and Dr. Clague’s Manx Airs appeared regularly in it, a feature very pleasing to lovers of Manx music. Widespread regret had been expressed at the action of the Manx Music Guild in excluding Manx music from their syllabus, although the expenses of these classes were borne by the Manx Society. The anniversary of T.E. Brown’s birthday was celebrated in all the schools of the Island, to mark the occasion; She concluded by a complimentary reference to the retiring President, whose sympathy with Mann and things Manx never failed, and whose work for the preservation of Manx music would never be forgotten.

The balance-sheet was submitted, and showed that the year commenced with a sum in hand of £1 16s. 3d, , and finished with £12 16s 3d. to credit. The Treasurer (Mr. W. Cubbon) explained, however, that a sum of £3 16s. now in the possession of the Society was the proceeds of the sales of the book of poems published by Private Walter W. Gill, and designed by him to provide comforts for Manx soldiers on service. Private Gill had given him (Mr. Cubbon) full discretion as to how the money was to be expended, and he proposed to allocate £2 of it towards the provision of a small collection of popular Manx songs for the use of soldiers on service. The Society’s subscriptions, which had reached a total of £11 3s., had kept above the average. He reminded members that the Society had still in stock a variety of publications, the increased sale of which would help the funds ; also a number of very handsome collotype portraits of T. E. Brown.

The officers of the Society were elected as follows :—President, Mr. G. W. Wood F. I.C, (London) ; Vice-Presidents, The Ven. Archdeacon, the Rev. Walter J. Karran, the Rev, C. H. Leece, Dr. Marshall, Mr. T. Moore, and Mr. W. W. Gill ; Committee: Canon R D. Kermode, M.A., Messrs. J.J. Kneen, S. K. Broadbent, W. A. Craine, H. P, Kelly, B.A., P. W. Caine, and C. R. Shimmin; Hon. Treasurer, Mr. Wm. Cubbon ; Hon. Auditor, The Ven. Archdeacon ; Hon. Secretary, Miss S. Morrison.


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