[From Mannin #8, 1916]

Roll of Honour



For King and Country

Killed or Died of Wounds

Second-Lieut. L. Eastwood, King’s Own Lancashire.
Lieut. M. G. S. Blane, Cameron Highlanders.
Lance-Sergt. W. H. Crellin, King’s Liverpool.
Private A. Quane, New Zealanders.

On Active Service

Capt A. S. Collard, Commandant of Orderlies in France.
Lieut. A. K. B. Brandreth, Royal Fusiliers.
Lieut. E. C. Quiggin, A.P.O., REF.
Lieut. E. F. Barry, A.P.O., B.E.F.
Lieut. R. D. Farrant, RN.
Sergt.-Major L. G. Meyer, First Manx Service Company.
Private W. W. Gill.
Private J. Palmer, R.A.M.C., B. E.F.
Private S. Harrison, Monmouth Engineers.

Messrs. A. Knox and J. J. Kneen, on duty at Knockaloe Camp.

Lance-Sergt. W. H. Crellin, who died of wounds at the Front on August 26th, was well-known in the Island, both as a fine forward on the football field and as a very talented actor among the Peel Players. He joined the colours in February, 1915, and went to France in June. Since then he has endured all the hardships of the cam-paign, broken only by one short leave, and his letters have given vivid descriptions of his experiences. His O.C., in a letter announcing his death, speaks most highly of him as bearing an excellent character and behaving with great bravery.

It was with the greatest regret that we heard that Second-Lieut. F. B. Leece, of the Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding) Regiment, only son of the Rev. C. H. Leece, Vicar of Rushen—three times president of the Manx Society—was killed in action on October 12th, aged nineteen and a half years. The gallant young officer, who was educated at Castletown Grammar School and King William’s College, passed into Sandhurst, and was sent to France in June last. He fell bravely leading his men into action during intense fighting.


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