Roll of Honour

For King and Country

KILLED. — Second Lieutenant L. Eastwood, King’s Own Lancasters; Lieutenant M. G. S. Blane, Cameron Highlanders.

MISSING—Private Andrew Quane, New Zealanders.

ON ACTIVE SERVICE.—Captain A. S. Collard, Commander of Orderlies in France ; Lieutenant A. K. B. Brandreth, 21st (Service) Batt. Royal Fusiliers ; CorporalW. H. Crellin, King’s Liverpool ; Sergt. -Major L. G. Meyer, rst Manx Service Company; John Palmer, R.A.M.C. ; Private Sam Harrison, Monmouth Engineers; Messrs A. Knox and J. J Kneen, on duty at Knockaloe Camp ; Lieutenant E. C. Quiggin, Censor of Letters, A.P.O. ; Lieutenant E F. Barry, Censor of Letters, Aignan; Lieutenant R. D. Farrant ; Private W. W. Gill.

In Sir John French’s last list appears the name of Captain Collard : ‘ Mentioned in Despatches for gallant and distinguished service in the field.’

Professor Quiggin, who holds the Celtic Chair at Cambridge, has been in France for ten months, with a commission under the Military Censor. A large number of Welsh letters pass through his hands, and he reports that there are many Manxmen in Calais.

Lieutenant E. F. Barry, a Celtic linguist, is Censor of Letters, chiefly Welsh and Irish, at Aignan, Seine Inférieure ; Lieut. Barry attended the Manx language class conducted by Mr. W. Radcliffe, former President of the London Manx Society.


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