[From Mannin #6, 1915]

Notices of Books

A new book by Miss Brenda Girven will shortly be published by Messrs. Wells Gardner & Darton. It is a Fairy Book, in which Alice and the White Rabbit go a trip through the British Isles to visit all the Fairies, including the Little Fellas, the Bug. gane, the Glashtin, and the Fenodyree. So it may be regarded as, in part, a contribution to Manx Folklore.

A new volume of Manx Carvals will shortly be published from the Manx Society. The carvals, hitherto unpublished, have been collected from old manuscript books, and the English translations are as close as possible to the original. A feature of the volume will be a fine collection of the carols of William Kinred, of Maug. hold (1769-1854), and among other poets to be represented are the Rev. Thomas Christian, Vicar of Marown, 1750-1799, and Charles Crowe. The volume will be edited by Mr. P. W. Caine, by whom the carvals have been collected.

Reprint of Borrow's Diary. The Manx Society.

When, by kind permission of Mr. Clement Shorter, Borrow's Diary of his journey in the Isle of Man in 1855, was printed for the first time in MANNIN, twelve copies of the Diary were printed in booklet form. One of them is for sale, and according to the - valuation of Messrs. Maggs, 109, Strand, London, W.C., is priced at £7 10s.

Mr. W. Walter Gill has just published a small book of poems relating to Mann, selected from his verse. Its title is Juan-y- Pherick's Journey.' Readers of MANNIN will remember his 'Lament of the Mother Tongue' in No. i, and `The Oul Times' in No. V., and will judge from these poems that Mr. Gill will give us, in his little volume, verse with a swing in it, and real Manx feeling, He will hand over the entire gross proceeds to the Manx Society's fund for sending music, reading matter, and comforts to Manx sailors and soldiers,

Miss Thora Stowell, of Cairo, has a volume of poems in the press. Miss Stowell's Manx forebears settled inĄ India before the Mutiny, and it seems probable that they may have gone over from Mann with Colonel Mark Wilks (1759-1831), or with Colonel Wilks' nephew, General Sir Mark Cubbon, K.C.B. (1775-1861).


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