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Successful Conclusion.

Some months ago, through the kind offices of the Press, an appeal was made to admirers of our great countryman, the poet T. E. Brown, to assist the Manx Society in endeavouring to perpetuate the poet's memory, and extend his influence, by placing copies of his volume of "Collected Poems" in all the public schools of the island. The response to this appeal was sought, mainly, in the form of gifts of copies of the volume. to particular schools with which the donors had personal associations. The Manx public, at home and abroad, has answered magnificently, and the Society were enabled on May 5th, the 85th anniversary of the poet's birth, to present copies of the 'Poems" to every public school in the Island. in almost every case with the name of some individual donor inscribed in the book. It was especially gratifying to receive a large number of such gifts from Manx Societies in various parts of the world. Nothing could be more calculated to impress the imagination of the children with the reality and strength of the home-sentiment and the race-sentiment than that they should thus be brought into contact with their own countrymen, boys and girls from their own school, who are now living in distant lands, but who cherish a deep affection for the land that gave, them birth.

At every school, during the ceremony of formally presenting the hook, an address or addresses, describing Brown's life and character, were given, and little programmes of T. E. Brown recitations and other Manx recitations and songs were gone through by the children. From all sides the most delightful accounts have come of the interest which the children displayed in the proceedings, and of the interest which they have shown from time to time in the portraits of the poet and the copies of the T. E. Brown Calendar, which have been hung on the walls of the schools since May 5th of last year. We are confident that the presentation of the portrait and the book will enable large numbers of the coming generation of Manx people to under-stand and admire the sweet and strong character of their national poet, and to absorb something of that sweetness and strength for their own attitude towards the beautiful things in nature, towards their fellow mortals, and towards their native land.

We, therefore, whose names are set down to the former appeal, now desire to testify our appreciation of the generosity and the patriotic spirit of the donors whose names appear below, and' of all who have helped us to carry this effort, to a successful conclusion.-Yours &c.,

W. H. GILL, President of the Manx Society.

S. MORRISON, Secretary.
W. CUBBON, Treasurer.

18th May, 1915.


Dr. H. O. Cowern, Melbourne, gift-books presented to King William's College and Baldwin School.
Mr T. Cubbon, Douglas, to Patrick School.
Mr E. H. L. Dickson, Manchester, to Castletown.
Mr Tom Dodd, Douglas, to St. Mary's, Douglas.
Miss Mona Douglas, Birkenhead, to the South Cape, Laxey.
Mr R.. D. Farrant, Douglas, to the Douglas Grammar School.
Mr Leigh Goldie-Taubman, The Nunnery, to the Kewaigue School.
Mr W. W. Gill, Birkenhead, to the Secondary School.
Mrs Mylchreest, Douglas, to St. Thomas' School, Douglas.
Mr W, B. Meyrick, to the; Peel Junior School.
Dr. F. Morrison, Manchester. to the Infants' School, Peel,
Mr J. N. Oates, Douglas, to Santon School.
Mr E. Quaggin, Douglas, to St. Mark's School.
Mr R. E. E. Quilliam, Douglas, to the Castletown Grammar School.
Mrs Burgess and the Manx Society to Tynwald-street Girls' School.
Mrs J. E. Quayle and the Manx Society, to Hanover-street Girls' School.
Miss Williams, London, to Rushen Girls' School.
Mr W. H. Gill, President of the Manx Society, to Ballamodda School.
Mr W. Cubbon, Douglas, to Arbory School.
Miss S. Morrison, Peel, to Dalby School.
Accrington Manx Society, per Mr W. F. Cain, to Murray's-road School.
Middle West Kansas Manx Society, per Mr R. F. Costain, to Demesne-road School.
London Manx Society, per Mr W. Radcliffe, President, to Andreas School.
London Manx Society, Ontario, per Miss E. Corrin, to Onchan School.
Liverpool Manx Society, per Mr John Costain, seven copies, namely:-
Mr James Stowell. President of the Liverpool Manx Society, to Ballagawne School, Lonan.
Mr Edward Allen, Liverpool, to Bride School.
Mr Thos. Kissack, Liverpool. to Cronk-y-Voddy School.
Mr W. E. Gawne, Liverpool, to Sulby School.
Mr D. J. Kinnish, Liverpool, to Braddan school.
Mr R. D. Skinner, Liverpool, to Maughold School.
Mr T. L. Lace, J.P., Wigan, to Foxdale School.
Mona.'s Relief Society, per Miss Amy Quayle, Cleveland, to the Dhoon School.
Mr John Quayle and the late Mrs Jane Cowin Quayle, to the Laxey Glen Schools.
The Collisters of Kennaa, to St. John's School.
Mona's Mutual Benefit Society, per Mr Richard Collister, Cleveland, to the Port St. Mary School.
Montreal Manx Society, per Mr E. Brayden, to Hanover-street Boys' School, Douglas, Rushen Boys' School, and the Ramsey School.
San Francisco Manx Society, per Mr Jas. Kneen, to Marown School.
Transvaal Manx Society, per Mr T. E. Cowin, to Athol-street School and Park-road School, Douglas.
Vancouver (B.C.) Manx Society, per Mr F. D. Carrin, to Michael School.
Victoria West (B.C.) Manx Society, per Mr B. B. Temple, to Thomas-street Supplementary Class, Douglas.
Winnipeg Manx Society, per Miss Bessie Killey, to the Ballasalla School.
Peel Manx Language Association, per Miss S. Morrison, to Rushen Supplementary School.
Peel Players, per Mr C. R. Shimmin, to Peel Senior School.

The rest of the sixty-two volumes were presented by the Misses Brown and Messrs Macmillan (12 copies), the Ramsey Committee, and the Manx Society.


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