Ta Cashen ersooyl gys yn aarkey.


No. 71, Mr. W. H. Gill’s ‘Manx National Music.’

O, Cashen has gone to the fishing,
And glad enough is he to go;
His wife has a tongue like a mill-wheel,
The house that she keeps is a show.

I fancy he’ll find consolations,
There’s lots of nice girls at Kinsale;
And Cashen’s the man for the ladies,
He knows how to tell them the tale.
We’ll miss him, though, yes, men, we’ll miss him;
For Cashen’s a boy full of bree;
The nights that we’ve spent in this parlour,
With stories and songs of the sea!
Fill up ! Here’s good wishes to Cashen,
Good catches, and kishens of gold;
May none of the company present
E’er marry a wife that’s a scold!



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