[From Mannin vol 5 1915]

The Oul’ Times.

‘Theer’s no times now like the oul’ times
When the singin’ an’ dancin’ was in;
Aw, wonderful times, them oul’ times!
An’ wizeer was the sin?
When the boys an’ the gels were meetin’
In the houses when work was done,
Comin’ in with a joke an’ a greetin’,
An’ the oul’ folks watchin’ the fun.

With the table pushed in the corner
An’ the fiddler perched on high,
An’ as long as his han’s would fiddle
The feet of the gels would fly,
Till the last dance finished in daylight
An’ the last oul’ song was sung,
In the gay times, in the houl’ times—
The times when I was young!’



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