[From Mannin no 2 1913]

Old Manx Airs.

From a MSS. Collection of Folk Airs left by the late Dr. Clague.

THESE Manx airs were noted by Dr. J. Clague from blind Thomas Kermode, Bradda, who was known by the name of 'Buy Doal"-Blind Boy. Dr. Clague, in Manx Reminiscences," pp. 23-25, speaks of him and says "He lost the sight of his eyes after smallpox when he was very little,and he was obliged to use his ears in place of his eyes. He had a wonderfully good memory, and he was good to sing, and he knew the Manx language very well. The greater part of the words and songs that I have are taken down from his singing, and I spent many happy hours in writing them down. Although he was blind, he continued at his work as a fisherman for many years. He had great intelligence, and I owe him a great deal for the knowledge he has given me of the life of the Manx at the beginning of the nineteenth century. He deserves this to preserve his memory."

"Tate grine veg oarn, te grine cha mie,
As daase rieau ayns yn aiee,
Dy chur ny sheen deiney golf myr ny guillyn,
As guillyn gholl myr feeaih.
As guillyn gholl myr feeaih,
As guillyn gholl myr feeaih.



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