[From Mannin, #2, 1913]

Creating a Manx Drama.

In response to the Manx Language Society's offer of prizes for 1, an Historical Drama, (£15); 2, a Comedy, (£l0); there were no less than eleven plays sent in, namely, three in the first named class, and eight in the-second. It is a pity that the two competitors who took highest marks in the historical class did not use historical incidents in Manx history. For this reason they were disqualified, though their work was otherwise good. No prize has, therefore, been given in this class.

The prize of £10 for a comedy was awarded to "A Lil' Smook" by Mr. J. J. Kneen, of Port Erin. It is a clever play, full of humour, and the dialect is good. It secured 263 marks out of a possible 300. "Luss ny Graih" by Mr. Christopher R. Shimmin, of Peel, secured 270 marks, but his play exceeded the word limit and was therefore ruled out for a first prize. On the recommendation of the judges, however, the Manx Language Society gave a prize of £10 to "Luss ny Graih." It is an extremely clever play, with an amusing plot. It will be acted by the Peel Players during the present winter, and the words will be found in the present number of MANNIN.

Most cordial thanks are due to Mrs. Boyd Dawkins, Mr. A. P. Graves, and Mr. W. H. Gill for so kindly acting as Judges in the Literary Competition; their work was not light.


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