[From Mannin, #1, 1913]

Skeeal Purt-ny- inshey.

Va Captan Dickey ve dooinney litcheragh ayns Purt-ny-Inshey, as cha row eh feer chiarailagh dy eeck ny lhiastynys echey. Va aavioghey dy chraueeagh ayns Purt-ny-Inshey, as dooyrt Dickey dy row eh caghlaait ayns yn aavioghey un oie Jedoonee.

Traa giare lurg shen, va dooinney ren freayl Thiecreck veg, raad va Dickeychion naghey yn veaghey echey, ren meeiteil eh, as dooyrt eh rish :—"Dickey, te kiart cha mie dhyt geeck dou ny skilleeyn shen t’ou lhiastynys dou nish t’ou caghlaait."

Dooyrt Dickey: "Gow ass my hilley lhiat! Ta Jee er leih dou ooilley my pheccaghyn, as ta shen fer jeu. Cren cair te dhyt dy vriaght jeem son ny skilleeyn shen nish?"

Ta’n slane cooish ansoor hug y feysht: Cren aght ta mee beaghey? Cre ta mee jannoo? Cha nee cre ta my credjue. My ta mee jannoo assee gys my heshey dooinney shegin dou jannoo eab dy cur gys cairys eh.


The above Peel Story is from the late Dr. Clague’s collection, and is sent in by Mr. T. Moore.


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