Journal of Manx Museum

Contents of VOLUME V. 1941- 1946

JUNE, 1941 Number 64

The Traditional Dances of Mann, by Mona Douglas
A Thousand Years of Watch and Ward
Manx Fishing Craft : a Key to various Types, by E. M. Megaw
A Bronze Age Founder's Hoard
The Genus Sirex in Man, by K. Williamson & W. S. Cowin
The Barnacles and Claiks of the Calf, by K. Williamson
Unpublished Documents : our oldest Legal Records
The Re-opening of the Cregneash Folk Museum
The Completion of the Bridge House Collection
Editorial Notes, and the 36th Annual Report of the Museum Trustees

DECEMBER, 1941 Number 65

Editorial Notes
Archdeacon John Kewley 1860 - 1941 : the speaker of the Keys
The Fiery Cross and the ' Crosh Vusta '
The Lost Mace of the House of Keys
Sir William Hillary and the Wreck of the ' St. George'
The Name ' Man' in Gaelic Literature: W. W. Gill
Successful Breeding of the Fulmar Petrel: E. M. Megaw & W. S. Cowin
Notes on the Manx Flag
The Legendary Origin of the Isle of Man : Cyril I. Paton
New Facts about the Manx ' Puffins'
Unpublished Documents: Traitors to the King of Man
The 2nd Annual Report of the Friends of the Museum

JUNE, 1942 Number 66

Editorial Notes
The Western Isles and the Growth of the Manx Parliament W. Cubbon & B. R. S. Megaw
Life on a Mountain Farm: the Deserted Homestead of ' Illiam y Close'
Eamhain ' as a Name of the Isle of Man W. w. Gill
The Building of the Tower of Refuge
Folklore of the Blackthorn: W. W. Gill
Yn Chengey ny Marrey : 1. An Elegy by Thomas Cottier, 1839
Unpublished Documents: The Parish of Kirk Arbory in 1665
The 37th Annual Report of the Museum Trustees

DECEMBER, 1942 Number 67

John Quilliam of the ' Victory ' : Basil and Eleanor Megaw
'Falga ' as a name for the Isle of Man: W. W. Gill
The Story of Sigurd in Viking Art: Hilda x. Ellis, M.A.
Editorial Notes
Manx Natural History in 1942: W. S. Cowin and K. Williamson
Chengey ny Mayrey : 2. 'Goody Blake and Harry Gill'
Unpublished Documents: The Lord's Prerogative
The Friends of the Manx Museum

JUNE, 1943 Number 68

A Sketch of Old Cregneash : Edward Faragher
The Manx Pony : A Descendant of the British Prehistoric Horse B. R. S. Megaw
Odin's Bird: Notes on the Raven Past and Present W. S. Cowin and E. M. Megaw
Chengey ny Mayrey : 3. 'The Old Times' by Thomas Moore
Cruggleton Castle : W. W. Gill
Unpublished Documents: Governor's Pass; 'Yarded' Servants
The 38th Annual Report of the Museum Trustees

DECEMBER, 1943 Number 69

Dorothy Wordsworth Visits the Island, 1828 Theodora Roscoe
St. Patrick's Isle: ' The Tara of the Isle of Man' B. R. S. Megaw
The Red-Legged 'King of Crows ' w. S. Cowin & B. R. S. Megaw
Unpublished Documents: The Mustering Drum D. Craine
The Three Relics of Man W. W. Gill
Chengey ny Mayrey : 4. Moore's Notes on ' The Old Times'
The Days of the Week w. w. Gill
The Friends of the Manx Museum
The Museum's 21 st Birthday

JUNE, 1944 Number 70

Relics of the Manx Fencibles and Volunteers B. E. Sargeaunt
Chengey ny Mayrey : 5 . Loss of the Fishing Boats at Port St. Mary in 1846 C. I. Paton
The Manx Village Folk - Museum at Cregneash B. R. S. Megaw
Maarliagh in Manx Place-names W. W. Gill
Gaut the Sculptor x. R. Ellis Davidson å B. R. S. Megaw
Unpublished Documents: The Lord's Soldiers 1406-1765 D. Craine
The 39th Annual Report of the Museum Trustees

DECEMBER, 1944 Number 71

More about the Little Watermills B. R. S. Megaw
The Costumes of the Gaelic Peoples B. R. S. Megaw and H. F. McClintock
Arrane mychione Eirinee Sayntoilagh Edward Faragher edited C. I. Paton
Unpublished Documents : Coroner and Moar D. Craine

1945 -1946 Numbers 72 - 73 (combined issue)

Editorial Notes.
A Kentraugh Diary, 1836 Theodora Roscoe.
Christmas Decorations C. I. Paton.
Tynwald Day, 1736 Unpublished Manuscript.
The Governor's Staff Of Office E. M. Megaw.
A Peel Sailor's Punch Bowl William Cubbon.
The Irish Shaggy Mantle B. R. S. Megan.
A Portrait Of James, Seventh Earl of Derby B. E. Sargeaunt..
Celtic Homesteads In the Isle of Man Gerhard Bersu.
The Killing Of William Mac A Faille, 1639 D. Craine.
A Manx Family of Sea Captains William Cubbon.
Botanical Notes for 1945 C. I. Paton.
' A Carol Of Christ's Coming' C. I. Paton.
Annual Reports Of The Museum Trustees, 1945 And 1946.

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