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My Lord,-I have the honour of submitting to your Lordship the result of certain enquiries which I was directed to make in consequence of Petitions from the Gaoler of Castle Rushen, and the Constables of this Island, for an increase to their salaries. The Petitions were addressed to Lord Hawkesbury, and the delay in reporting on them has principally arisen from my desire of taking the opinion of every one whose judgment or local experience might lead me to the most correct conclusion.

I take the liberty to state for your Lordship's information that the salaries of the Gaoler and Constables remain the same as they were many years since, when the necessaries of life were so much cheaper than at present, and that the Gaoler (John Cotteen) petitioned the Commissioners of Enquiry sent to this Island in 1791, as appears in the Appendix D. No. 13 to their Report.

No steps have been taken, nor has any encrease been hitherto allowed; but if your Lordship will consider as well the importance of the situation, as the amount of his present salary, you will I hope approve of the opinion to which I have come, that his case is well deserving of notice, and that a small increase should be made to what he at present receives.

I have been led to the same conclusion as to the salaries of the Constables, whose offices are very laborious and such as prevent their following any other line. I shall state on the other side of this sheet the present salary of each and the proposed increase, which I venture strongly to recommend, as well on grounds of policy as of justice: for it would be otherwise extremely diffi-cult to supply any vacancies with fit and trust-worthy persons.

The only Gaol on the Island is at Castletown, and I ought to observe that the Constables of Castletown are allowed a small sum more than the others, from their being much more employed in serving the legal Processes which issue from this town, and from their being obliged, in turn, to keep guard over the prisoners.

I have the honour, &c.,

G. SMELT. The Right Hon b'e the Earl Spencer


One gaoler £ 12
one turnkey 3
one Chief Constable 6 nine Constables


one chief Constable two constables


one chief constable one constable

Peel Town

one chief constable one constable

One Messenger who carries to different parts of the Island the Proclamations and Precepts.

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