Cronkourne Odds and Ends, p. 47.

Document No. 223.


1. Short waist body turned in from the neck to the waist, showing white habit skirt. White handkerchief crossed down to the waist. Under-skirt striped or figured, quilted. Overskirt to the sides only, same material as body.

White linen apron.

White open-worked stockings and sandal shoes.

2. Full loose skirt; short body; loose jacket or bedgown over the body, turned up at the back. White linen apron. Sandals.

Another authority in same volume

3. Short petticoat of grey woollen stuff, full and quilted.

A short jacket or bedgown of striped gingham. Hair braided in one band right across temple. Two ladies went thus attired to a ball at Castle Mona in 1803.

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