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The Duties and Privileges of the Governor of Man are given as follow in a history by an unknown writer, in a MS. volume in the Quayle Bridge House Collection, its date being about 1764.

`The Governor is the Lord's representative, and all offences against him are punished as against the Lord. He is Captain General and Chancellor of the Isle, and Chief President of all Courts where he sits; and an appeal lies from him from all other Courts.

'He can commission and discharge all officers, etc., and in general act with the same power and authority as the Lord.

The Governor's Oath is singular: that he shall truly and uprightly deal between the Lord and the Lady and their People, and as Indifferently between Party and Party as the Staff - (his `White Wand of Office then set up Perpendicular and put into his Hand for that purpose)-stands, so far as in him Lyeth.'

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