A Runaway Marriage

in March, 1756, there was circulated among the church authorities in Man the following notice about what appeared to have been a clandestine marriage of a minor of rank and fortune' with a mantua-maker.’ It was believed that they had travelled from England to Man for the purpose. A copy of the notice is found in the Diocesan Registry in the Museum.

Document No. 217.



This is to give NOTICE,

THAT, on the 2lst of this current February, one Medwin, a middle-siz’d Man, with one Leg remarkably smaller and shorter than the other, carried away from his Friends a Minor of Rank and Fortune, with an evident Design to marry him clandestinely to his Sifter-in-law, Martha Dolben, a Mantua-maker, of about the Age of five and twenty or upwards, rather low in Stature, with a roundish Face, grey Eyes, light-brown Hair, supposed to have on a light-brown Stuff, with pink-coloured Strips, and a black long-cloak, or Cardinal : Some Addition is probably made to her Dress, on account of her travelling. The Minor is about eighteen, but appears older, is full five Feet fix Inches high, has a fresh Colour, and dark Eyes. He had on, when he went away, a dark-brown Surtout, and under it either a brown Thickset or a sky-coloured Cloath Coat, with black Breeches, and large open Silver-buckles. It is supposed they are coming to Scotland, or the Isle of Man, in order to evade the Force of the Laws of England by an irregular Marriage.

Whoever will separate them, or follow them, or detain either of the Parties, so as effectually to prevent a Marriage being performed, will oblige a considerable Family in England, shall have any reasonable Expences born, shall be indemnified from all Actions or Suits on Account of illegal Detainment, and shall be handsomely rewarded.

—Any Clergyman to whom they shall apply for Marriage, may intitle himself to the Promises here made.

This Advertisement is published by a Gentleman now in Edinburgh, who acts by an Authority from the Lord Advocate of Scotland, and may be heard of, by applying to George Muir Esq; Principal Clerk of Justiciary, or to David Ross Merchant at Douglas in the Isle of Man.

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