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Document No. 216.



At a Consistory Court at KK Michael April 10th, 1755.

Complaint having been made by the Revd W Woods Vicar of KK Maughold & Chaplain of Ramsey that he has been Obstructed in Exercising his Function in the Chapel of Ramsey by the Door Lock thereof being broke open on Easter Eve last and the Books, as he apprehends, taken out, and a hang-lock fixed on the Door to the hinderance of the publick worship of God.

And the Complaint having Authority to Charge Evidences this day, in order to find out the persons concerned in this Irregular fact.

And the undernamed persons being Charged to give in their Evidence, namely Samuel Christian, Smith, Edmd Kneen sen, Soldier, Edmd Kneen junr, Edmd Curghey, John Callow & Edward Martin, and said persons utterly refusing to give their Evidence upon Oath (tho’ they acknowledge in Court that they were present when said Fact was Comitted).

Ordered therefore that said persons for their Obstinacy be forthwith Comitted in St : German’s until they Severally give Bonds of £3 ad usü Dni that they will Submit to Law, and before Releasemt pay all fees. Their ffines are likewise to be considered.


MATTHS CURGHEY To the Sumnr of Maughold, who if disobeyed is to desire the assistance of a soldier.

April 18th, 1755.

A soldier is alowed. BASIL COCHRANE.

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