Diocesan Registry.

Document No. 214.

c. 1730.


To the Rt Honrble the Earl of Derby Ld of Man & ye isles, &c.

Shewing,—That there was a Petition presented to Your LoPP touching ye Common Hill of Peel, at your Lopps arrival, with certain papers of Record relating thereunto, & proving ye same to be an ease to ye Town of Peel, a liberty for the North Side of Man, & a common for ye Ld’s Swine : wch Common one Harrison endeavouring to inclose to himself, (his estate adjoyning thereunto).

Your Pet’r & others in behalf of ye Town was forced to offer ye like Rent, to preserve it from him, hoping your LoPP would be graciously pleased to continue ye same an ease & liberty as formerly: wch Rent your Pet’S was forced by Committmt to pay for 2 years, notwithstanding his several addresses & reason to ye contrary. And now is summon’d to pay ye last years Rent tho’ he utterly disclaimed to stand any longer to ye paymt thereof ; wch Rent your Petr conceives was not duly sett nor legally demanded.

May it therefore please your Good LoPP, either to remit ye foresaid Rent, & to continue ye said Common as formerly : or to respite ye payment thereof, till your LoPP would be pleased to con-sider ye same, and to determine therein as your LoPP shall think fitt. This granted your Petr as in duty bound shall for your Lopps Health & Happiness ever pray etc.

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