From Liber Episcopi Book VII.

Document No. 208.



Whereas Sergeant William Kewn owes me severall sums of money and hath promised from time to time to account with mee and promised my Steward in my last Barons Court that hee would discharge them all within one months space from thence, and hath ever since baffled mee from time to time and derided mee instead of satisfying mee.

I doe therefore hereby commit the William Kewn into my Prison at St. Germans until hee doe satisfy unto mee the said debts due both by promise and Bond from whence you are not to release him without further order from mee.

Given under my hand at Bops Court this 24th of March, 1678/9.


To William Gell keeper of my Prison at KK. German.

William Kewn, of Bretney, was the sergeant of the Bishop’s lands in Jurby. He followed his father, Edmund Kewn, in that office in 1674. After his trouble with Bishop Bridgeman in 1678, he was succeeded by William Vondy, of Ballagarraghyn, in 1679.

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