Quayle Bridge House Papers.

Document No. 204.



Lib., 1610, 1611.

Christopher Young, Chaplain of the Castle, Censured for Marrying Tho. Lecester & Sislie Gerrad withot Licence.

Lib., 1613.

Hugh Kissag Soldier makes an humble peticon to the Ld Bp to be admitted to penance, & to undergo his Censures.

Lib. Causar, 1670, 1671.

Jon Norris Lieutt. of Castle Rushen & Amy Corrin for fornication—Adultery in the Man, 7 Days in Several Churches & Imprisonmt. The Womn. 3 Dies in Ecclã & Imprisonmt~

Being a Week Imprisond., he petitioned for his Enlargmt.

Lib., 1671.

Lieutnt. Norris for denying to pay the Xch. Assessmt. To pay upon Demand or be Commtted.

Nicho. Brew and Ensign ffox for Laughing at the procession on the Castle Walls as the Minister & people went by. To make publick Confession & reform—Sub. pcca 5s. ad usum Domini.

Lib., 1672.

Jo". Stevenson & Tho : Mcylchreest for fighting on the Lord’s Day. Censured.

Lib., 1673.

Tho. Corris for fornicacon. 3 Sundays penance, A Week’s Imprisonmt. and 2 hours in the Stocks.

John Rothmell Gunsmith Censured.


John Saint, &c. Mr. Tho. Norris, John Wattleworth, & Gunner Tetloe, &c., presented for not paying Xch Assessmt. To be Comiitted ‘till they pay.


Steward Calcot, Roger Scotson, &c., are presented for refusing to pay the Xch Assessmt. To pay forthwith, or forfeit 5 Shills. each ad Usum Dotm.


John Cannel for putting out Muck on St. Andrew’s Day before prayers. To acknowledge his fault before the Congregacon, & do so no More. Sub poena 10s. Ad Usum Dotm.

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