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Whereas Mrs. Jane Cesar hath bene accused upon suspicon of whitchcraft charminge or sorscerie wherupon certaine examacons have beene taken And the said case beinge putt to the triall of a June, they the sd Jurors (after examinacon of the business) have this day cleared and acquitted ye said Jane Cesar of the accusacon aforesaid as by theire Answere may appeare.

Nevertheless that the said Jane Cesar may declare her inocencie of such practizes and that shee doth renounce the same as diabolicall & wicked ; she is hereby ordered to acknowledge the same before the Congregacon of Kk Malew pish the next Lords day to the end that others may be admonished to relinquish detest and abhor such delusions wch are of great inducemt to greater temptacons and are too frequently practized in this Island as is dayly observed of wch if any one shall be hereafter accused and the same lawfully proved such persons are to be severely fined, and punished, or otherwise proceeded against accordinge as the law doth prvide in such cases.


To Sr. Tho : Parr minister of Kk Malew who is to read ye [same] before his Congregacon the next Sabbath in English and Manxe and to returne this Order wth the acknowledgement made as aforesd into the Comptroulers office afterwards.

A true Coppie agreeinge wth ye originall. October the 2th 1659.

J. Woods.

After the readinge of the above Sd order this day as directed, Mr. Jo : Cesar (and his sd wife beinge in theire owne seats in ye Chancle) said to his wife, Cant you say that you renounce ye Divell ; she answeringe said I defie the Divell and all his workes and I trust that those that have brought me to this scandle shall never see theire eldest children in yt estate that my youngest are in.

[fpc: Jane Caesar died 1688 - see Malew Registers]


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